Things To Consider Before Purchasing an Ab Bench


Things To Consider Before Purchasing an Ab Bench

Before you go looking for a ab bench for sale, there are a few things you should consider. While an abdominal bench can be a terrific piece of fitness equipment, there may be other alternatives that you might want to consider.

First of all, you need to consider the ab bench cost. Generally speaking a good bench will cost around $XXX. If you have room in your gym, and have the money, then you can’t go wrong and purchasing the bench is a good idea. There are numerous abdominal exercises that you can perform on the bench that just can’t be done as well on other machines, such as the straight-leg sit-up and Russian twists. While these can be done, it’s nice to be able to really lock down your legs and have that extra stability.

If you do decide to purchase an abs bench, then there are a few functions/accessories that you should be aware of.

#1 Hyperextension Ab Board

This is one of the best options because it combines two great core workouts – the ab benches workouts and the back hyper-extension workouts in one machine. Combining both workouts in one accomplishes two goals: it helps you actually work out your entire core, helping you keep your body in balance; and, it helps you save space and money. Overall, this is a great option.

#2 Folding Bench

Folding ab benches are a must for people with little space, and should not take away from the quality available.

#3 Adjustable Settings

The best benches will allow you to adjust for height/weight and for different levels of difficulty.

#4 Semi-recumbent Ab Bench

This will allow you to target both upper and lower abs easily by allowing you to do both crunches and knee raises. They also come with handle bars that allow you to keep from putting additional stress on your back and neck.

However, if you don’t have the money or the space, then you should look into some less expensive solutions that still allow you to perform the majority of the same ab bench exercises, but take up less space.

Option 1 – Purchase an exercise ball. Exercise balls vs ab benches is a debate that comes up quite frequently in the fitness world. The bottom line is that both are great to have, but if you are short on cash and/or space, then purchasing an exercise ball and using it for your abs routine is a great way to go. You save on space, money, and get great workouts.

Option 2 – Adjustable weight bench. Many people already are looking to purchase, or have an adjustable weight bench that will double as a decent bench for your abs. Obviously, this saves space and money and is an excellent idea.

#5 Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you need to incorporate core workouts (abs, etc.) into your fitness routine, and whatever equipment that will help you do so on a consistent basis should be purchased, whether that be an ab crunch bench, exercise ball, or other type of machine.


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