TOP 5 Steps to Choosing a Tow Truck Service



Ever since the invention of cars, our desire to go faster and farther has always driven many people to make foolish mistakes on the road; that being said, accidents do happen whether we like it or not and despite all the efforts to avoid it. I’m not just talking about collisions. Stalled cars, flat tires, misfuel can happen out of the blue. In such times, what we need would is reliable roadside assistance. You don’t want to stay too long on an empty stretch of road for long and you would want to get the proper help to fix your car problem.

This kind of scenario is what a towing company with tow trucks craves for. Their whole purpose is to serve the driving public when they have car troubles in the middle of the road. Most operators of a tow truck are professionals who can just about do anything a mechanic can on the road. If the problem is a little too complex, they can move the vehicle to somewhere it can get the proper attention and services.


#1 Looking for the Right Towing Company

Searching for towing companies online now is a huge undertaking. Just typing in “towing company,” or towing service and you are immediately shown pages after pages of different towing services rather close by. But with so much information, it’s almost impossible to make a decision. Should you go with a company with decades of experience or a company that’s relatively younger but with modern equipment? Should you choose the biggest company or super locally owned businesses? There are many factors to consider and lucky for you this article is aimed at helping you choose the right tow truck service that is just right for your needs.

#2 Service List

First, in searching for the right tow truck service, you must consider if the company offers the service that you’re looking for. Contrary to popular belief, towing is more than just moving a vehicle from one location to the next. Not all towing companies offer the same services. Most of them offer highly specialized services such as roadside assistance and car removal services, while others only deal with heavy transportation and vehicle recovery. No matter the online reviews or the recommendations for a certain company, it won’t do you any good if they don’t offer the service that you badly need to be done. So remember to ask this question first before committing to one company. You can specifically ask for the service when you call them or if they have a website, you can check that out to see if they offer the services that you need.

#3 Reviews

In our digital age, there’s no excuse not to do research on a company we might be considering working with. The internet is a treasure trove of feedbacks and reviews to see how a company treats its customers. Online reviews are also a great way to check if a towing company practices what it preaches. Many companies offer quick roadside assistance or affordable rates for vehicle recovery only to realize that those claims are wholly exaggerated and customers are left waiting for hours on the side of the road before they’re saddled with hidden charges and fees. You can all see these things reflected in the reviews that people leave on the company’s page. Make sure you check those out so you know what you’re getting into with a certain company.

#4 Service areas

Towing companies will always have a limit to the area that they serve. They just can’t be answering emergency calls all around the country. So before you select a tow truck company to come to pick you and your broken car from the side of a road, you should check to see if they even go your way as far as road assistance goes. This is another good reason to have a list of available towing companies on your daily route so in the event that you face car problems on the road; you know which towing company to call that can get to you the quickest. For longer drives, you should make a list of towing companies situated along your route as well to make sure that should anything happen during your trip, reliable towing service is just a phone call away.

#5 Price

And finally, we get to the most anticipated part of choosing which towing company to call when an emergency arises, the price. We’ve heard stories of some towing companies inflating their rates just because the customer doesn’t have any other options. That’s a red flag on a company and should be avoided. You can screen such practices by checking the reviews online. Not many companies will publicly display their rates for people to see so you will have to call a few different ones and compare their prices before making a decision on which service to use. It pays to know in advance the ballpark of how much it will cost for tow trucks to move your vehicle. You will also need to balance the price for towing versus the customer service they provide. It can be tricky but with the right mindset you can definitely get out ahead.

#6 Emergency support

Most towing jobs need to be done as soon as possible. It is very crucial that towing companies are quick on their feet and can send out emergency support the moment a customer calls for their service. Check to see that towing companies have the necessary equipment to provide emergency assistance. This includes professional mechanics and drivers as well as the right equipment to haul vehicles. A good company should also be responsive to the needs of a customer and listen to their requests intently. A sign of a good towing company is their response time to an emergency call.

#2 Final thoughts

Unless you live in one of the top 10 places that are car-free in the world, then you will have to consider searching for a reliable towing Murfreesboro service within your area. You never know what car trouble you might encounter. It’s best to err on the side of caution.


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