Review of Viking Cycle Ironside Motorcycle Jacket


Viking Cycle Ironside Motorcycle Jacket

#1 Breaking it down

If you are looking for a good quality jacket that will not make you homeless then do not worry because there is still hope. You can find many jackets that will fall into your budget and have the features that you like or want. Maybe not all of them but most. The question here is that which one of them is the best? Hmm, you do not have to go out there or search online for hours wasting your time and having a headache because I spent weeks searching and reviewing wearing them for weeks on my rides and this is what I finally came to.

Take a sip from your cup and let’s begin the review of the best beginner motorcycle jacket “Viking Cycle Ironside Motorcycle Jacket”. You cannot go wrong with this one as a first riding motorcycle jacket. And believe me when I say that it feels great, comfortable, and fashionable not only because it is but also because of the price point. I do not know about you but when I bought it, I had that feeling of accomplishment.

#2 Let’s begin

Of course, if you are a rider you should not be riding without a motorcycle jacket as it is a must. Other important and must wear pieces of gear are gloves, helmet, pants/chaps, and boots. Most of the riders buy jackets based on quality, comfort, price, and reputation, not in the same order though. Style is also important, but not every jacket has everything so you end up buying multiple jackets. One should have a different jacket but for different weather and circumstances like summer, winter, rain, etc. This Viking Cycle Ironside Jacket can be used in winters and summers.

#3 Looks and Style

Do you love the looks and style of this Ironside Jacket? I do too. oh, you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out the link is at the bottom. Yeah, protection or whatever is good but we all want to look cool on our bikes. One of the reasons why we ride our cool bikes is because we want to look great. How could you make an impression if you are looking like a monkey on the bike? Style is important so choose your clothes properly and wisely.

In addition, you will have to step off the bike or stop somewhere during rides so you would like to make sure you are looking cool and stylish. Let’s face it, even if your jacket is worth millions but not stylish no one will care! This one looks great yet simple, but most important no huge branding. The most beneficial thing is that it looks great on almost every bike and even great when not riding. Construction is solid and sturdy with fluent zippers that are useable even with gloves on. How amazing!

#4 Fitting and Feel

Fitting would be different for everyone, anyways it fitted me like a glove. You can adjust it according to your body with side adjustable straps. It has cuff straps as well; I really like those! The inner cuffs are made of synthetic material keeping things secure and comfortable. When the weather was not cold, I had sweat on wrists. I do not know if you will too!

Lightweight and sturdy jacket, the Ironside can take a beating for sure. Ventilation was great because of the mesh and style they used. For warmer days I removed the liner and it was all great pleasure experience. When the temperature drops near zero, I suggest using a warmer or heated liner. Sad if you want more internal pockets because most of them are inner liner pockets. Removing it can reduce storage space unless you buy one that has pockets.

Coming to the storage! It has many internal and external pockets with ample space that are easily accessible. The armor is CE approved, and in the right spots, take that. It will protect you in the crash, no I did not crash my bike on purpose going on 100MPH! Basically, I love it and at least you will like it.

#5 Bottom line!

There is not a perfect motorcycle jacket in this world and there could not be. You must compromise on something. This is the one which gives you the most features at the least price. To review it all, it has armored protection, the price is low, looks and feels is great, quality and stitching is great, has pockets, is stylish, you can wear it on and off the bike, with some backdrop. Ha-ha, read from beginning to find what I am talking about.

#6 Overall

Here are some key points!

#1 Pros

  • Low-priced great jacket
  • Beauty packet with features
  • Goes with all type of bikes
  • Good quality zippers and stitching
  • Night reflective panels

#2 Cons

  • Thin Liner not effective for ice-cold days
  • It contains most internal pockets
  • Velcro closure could be better

#7 Get Viking Cycle Ironside Jacket

Love the jacket? Oh, I know you do, just go to the link and buy it right now! The price is not that high for what this jacket has to offer. Can you find a motorcycle jacket with such low-price that has as many qualities like this one? Do not waste your time finding it because this is the one. You can check out other products and jacket on their website, here you can also find photos of people wearing it, cool right! See Real customer reviews here.


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