3 Reasons Why You Should Use Adjustable Weight Dumbbells


Reasons Why You Should Use Adjustable Weight Dumbbells

There are many excuses of avoiding your routine exercise, but do consider just a few ways in which the adjustable weight dumbbells can eliminate some of your invalid excuses and keep you on track. With their futuristic design combined with their innovative technology, adjustable dumbbells offer a compact alternative against the set of old fashioned cumbersome and impractical dumbbells.

#1 Adjustable Dumbbells save Space

How exactly can adjustable dumbbells save your space? Standard free weights dumbbells require the following pair of 5,10,15,20 and 25 lb weights. More or less, these adjustable dumbbells take almost 30 inches wide place for storage and can be moved easily for your regular workout. Consider the same capacity in varying weights in the space of just a couple of shoe boxes and you will see the space savings.

#2 Weight Savings of Adjustable Dumbbells

Using the example above, the actual total weight would be 150 pounds. With a similar series of adjustable dumbbells, you would have a weight of 50 pounds with the possibility of doing the same workout. Even if you need to keep them under your bed, you can keep them without any hassle, which brings you to the final point, CONVENIENCE.

#3 The Convenience of Adjustable Dumbbells

The convenience of setting free weights is a great selling point. Just change the weight with a quick adjustment makes them super easy to use. If you buy a small stand, then you do not even need to put them on the ground and take another weight. This is a great advantage if your back is giving you trouble. Many of the newer dumbbell stands are better adjustable that allows you to use as a push-up block, just another easy touch for your workout.

Adjustable dumbbells can use to help you lose weight. Take responsibility and recognize that you are the only one who can make it happen. Decide to do it and just do it. However, many people avoid gym because of their busy routine, family time or other personal reasons. An effective way to overcome this limitation of time is an exercise plan with these affordable adjustable dumbbells. Todays most advanced and result oriented adjustable dumbbells are easy to use and provide you an option to add/subtract weight interchangeable so as to increase or decrease the total weights along with the facility of storing.

Whether you’re heavy weighting or performing a Cardio Exercise, the simple trick is to use the weight dumbbells to which your body can adapt easily. Changing the weight load is the easiest way for keeping body’s response positive towards your efforts. You can always start with heavy dumbbells and then switch to a lighter one and then back to the heavy one, depending on your body’s shape and behavior. With the help of adjustable dumbbells you can shape your overall body tone as it would help you in making more muscles, by stabilizing the overall muscles of your body and heart. In short you can say that all of this helps you to balance your weight, thus giving a better way to work out as compared to what the conventional weight exercise machines have to offer otherwise.

#4 Conclusion

Adjustable Dumbbells allow you to save space, weight and add comfort to your normal workout routine. While the initial cost may seem high, the benefits that they offer will last long after you’ve paid for them. Adjustable weight dumbbells will take away all your excuses to exercise.


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