How To Make A Bike Rack Out Of Wood


Following these easy and quick explanations will help greatly on how to make a bike rack out of wood. It will help effectively of how to personalize the parking environments for bikes. Nevertheless, it is a great way to assemble the frame of your choice as required. One amazing thing that you will discover is how easy the process can be.

How To Make A Bike Rack Out Of Wood

You will be surprised at how simple people can build a bike rack out of wood without any stress attached. The process will require having a saw, 2X6’s, 2X4’s, some screws and sandpaper. Nevertheless, you will always gain quick access to parking all your bikes in a neat and organized environment. Read on to discover how to make a bike rack out of wood. You can also use this for You Cyclocross Bikes.

3 Steps To Make A Bike Rack Out Of Wood ?

Step 1:

The basic and well-known step to take is by determining the length of the bike rack in need. Knowing the length of the bike rack of your choice will help in building the best option. Studies have perfectly shown that this type of rack can be designed for three. Prior cutting out your 2X4’s, it is important to know how many bikes are involved in the process.

In the case of 3 bikes, you can always keep the length of your 2X4s at 54”. The length is often kept at 54” to give you enough space. However, you will discover that the upright wheel holders become highly functional with respect to the tires of the three bikes. Your handle bar’s room can as well be kept at 18”. This should be done on each side as required. For each bike, the upright wheel holders are also marked at 6”.

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Step 2:

The next step is to ensure cutting the lumber. Go ahead to properly cut out the lumber that will be used for the bike rack. Since you have already the knowledge to cut out your 2X4 frame pieces, it is expedient to carry on with the process. Cut it out in two forms of the same length.

The normal upright wheel holders for each bike should be 1 1/2 inch X 5 1/2″. Ensure that you have two parts available for effective results. It is important to know that the 3 bikes will carry a unique length measurement. This can be found in six lengths of 2X6s 24 inches long.

At 30-degree angle, it is highly recommended to cut out the top portions of your 2X6 pieces. This will help to garner the beauty of the completed bike rack appearance. Provided you have perfectly cut out your pieces, go ahead to also varnish and sand them. You will discover that the final result becomes highly impressive.

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Step 3:

At this juncture, you will need to assemble or join the bike rack. To complete the frame, the simple bike rack should always be the two outside upright holders to gain access. For this process to be successfully achieved, you will have to take the 2X4 frame pieces first. Ensure to carry out the process also by selecting 2 of the upright holding pieces.

Now you can go ahead to tighten them together with screws. At this point, it is important to have your first bike during the measurement process. It will help to measure the tire easily. Nevertheless, it will also help to place the next upright holder in position.

This will help the first bike parking place to be perfectly complete. Enough room should be reserved to position the bike tire. This should be done between the next upright and the outside frame. You can go ahead to screw that in place.

Once this is completed, you can continue with the additional upright holders. This can be achieved by screwing each of the extra uprights into the frame pieces. The upright pieces usually create the parking positions for any handle bar and bike tire width along with your customization.

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