Most Important Things to Pack for a Motorcycle Trip that will help You out later


Things to Pack for a Motorcycle Trip that will help You out later

If you are going on a motorcycle trip there are some important things that you must pack if you do not want any trouble on the way. But worry not because we are here to let you know what to pack, we’ll take you through the little details and items that you would have missed otherwise. Read on to know what are the most important things to pack for a motorcycle trip that can help you out later during the trip.

  • Riding kit – The first and most important thing is the riding kit that includes multiple things that are as follows.
  • Helmet – is the most important one because you would be riding most of the day with it on. So, do any changes to it while you can, like visors, padding, etc. Take different visors with you in which you are comfortable riding. If you like to ride with a dark visor during the day then take a clear one with you too. An anti-mist is also necessary to protect it from fogging up. You can easily find these or a combination of all in one in the market.
  • Sunglasses – are required in some states whereas the helmet is not, so it is better carrying one with you. We are not at all suggesting to leave your helmet behind. During the sunny and bright days, sunglasses would help you see clearly and have a peaceful ride.
  • Gloves – are not thought as important or necessary but they have their importance. You would not want to lose your grip or let your hands go numb because of rain, wind, or cold weather. Carry gloves according to the season. If you are going to go to some cold area then carry a pair of winter gloves with you as well. While for summer ventilated gloves are a must.
  • Warm clothing – for the cold regions, if there is going to be one, are necessary. Those will keep you warm and focused on the road.
  • Waterproofing – Carry waterproof gear with you just in case. Or it would be even better if you ride wearing that gear. Anyways, a rain suit with waterproof boots or separate jacket, trousers/pants, and boots are enough to protect yours from rain. Most of the times when on trips it rains!
  • Windbreakers – would help you carry and wear less gear. Windbreakers cut out cold or hot air out while you can wear a warm layer underneath or just a shirt to keep yourself as you like. There are a lot of winter jackets that have windbreakers sewed to them.
  • Reflective jacket – for night reflection so that you can have a safe and secure ride. These jackets make sure you are seen on the road whether it is street lights or not. They reflect light during night times. Some motorcycle jackets come with reflective lining or patches pre-installed. Or simply stick reflective tape to your jacket and bike.
  • Luggage – Oh, silly me. Where are you going to keep things? Of course, you would need some luggage system to carry things. just one backpack would not be enough. Put on some saddlebags to your bike and life easy life. check it out now before the stock ends.
  • Electronic devices – Of course, you are going to be carrying some electronic devices with you but there are some I wanted to point out along with few tips to be on the safe side.
  • Smartphone – Everyone carries a smartphone with them while going on a trip to another country of a trip to the corner of the block. When going on long trips on your motorcycle you would want to keep a phone charger, an extra power cable, and a power bank. If the power bank has a solar charging feature it would be even better. A spare battery would not take a lot of space but can prove to be very beneficial and lifesaver. On top of it, all make sure you have the right plug for charging the phone.
  • Accessories – While it is clear that you are to carry bags with you to keep all your luggage and items in but here are some bags or accessories that you can take with you to help yourself carry the items easily.
  • Tank bag – help you a lot. The items you need most and quick can be placed in there. On top, you can keep your mobile phone or map in the clear pocket along with some other things if you like.
  • Rucksack – are a great way of taking more luggage with you. Backpacks or rucksacks they are the same thing. There are many available in the market but I really like the ones from Viking Bags. They are sturdy, durable and solid. While you are carrying these put some water bottles in there or you can carry a Camelbak.
  • Tools – that would help you out in case you need to do little repairs on the bike. Wrench, Allen keys, screwdriver, and others that you think is useful. Some additional tools like a torch, chain cleaner and lube, army knife, gruffer tape, cargo net, zip ties, and tie-downs are also worth packing.
  • Cash – would help you out in when there is no atm nearby. Do take your credit/debit cards with you but also have some hard cash.
  • Documents – like driving license, insurance, maps, and registration and not to be forgotten.
  • Additional – Above things would be all but there are some additional ones that you should keep. Sleeping bag and tent if you are going to camp, toothbrush and paste, extra clothes because obviously. Dry or carrier bags to keep your important stuff dry because you would want to be on the safe side. First aid kit with all essentials to clean and patch yourself. Hopefully, this is all, enjoy the experience and ride safe.


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