TOP Important Tent Camping Tips for Beginners


Important Tent Camping Tips for Beginners

There is no better way to really experience nature than camping out in a tent. It gives you the right amount of protection from the outdoor weather when you need it without taking away from the experience of sleeping outside like a fancy RV would. If you are a beginner camper, I believe you should start out with a tent. Tents are much cheaper than campers and are the better way to try out camping to see if you really enjoy it.

Once you purchase your tent it would be wise to set it up in your back yard before taking it on a camping trip. This will help you get to know your tent to avoid any surprise when first setting it up at your campsite. Getting to know your tent before taking it camping will help eliminate stress of a first camping experience and will help things move more smoothly so you can get to the fun part of camping quicker. You can also carry out metal detector for beginners if You love to find treasure.

Be sure to plan how long it will take you to get to your camping destination so that you arrive in order to allow yourself enough time to set up your site before the sun sets. Most camping sites, especially if you are camping outside of a campground, will have little light. You want to be sure to have your site completely set up before it gets too dark, especially if you are a beginner camper. If You are in habit of having tea or coffee, You should also carry Best Tea Kettle on Your Camping.

Once you arrive at the campsite with plenty of daylight to spare, find a place to pitch your tent. Choose a flat area with little gravel or rocks. You also want to make sure you set up your tent a good distance from any campfire you plan on building. Keep it away from the grills you cook food on also. This is just a safety precaution to both protect your tent from being in the way of fire, and yourself from smoke in the tent. It is usually more comfortable to find a place in the grass. Bring a large ground mat, rug or tarp to place on the ground where you plan to set up your tent. This will help protect your tent from rocks, which may leave holes in your tent. Follow the instructions on how to set up your tent. While going in Rainy Season or Winter, Carry Cold Weather Hunting Shoes with is seems to be Good Idea.

Now that the tent is set up, I’m sure you want to relax and being your camping experience. But before you start relaxing, make the beds in the tent. It is not easy to make a bed in the complete dark. It is best to have brought something to sleep on to avoid sleeping on the hard ground. Air mattresses, foam pats or cots work great. Once everything in the tent is set up, place a rug or a shoe mat in front of the door so you have a place for your shoes before entering your tent. This helps keep the tent clean which makes it more pleasant to stay in and easier to clean when you leave.

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Before you go to bed in your cozy tent, put all your food away. It might be a hassle to clean everything up and put it in either your tent or your car, but you do not want unwelcomed critters into your campsite at night. Leaving food out gives them an open invitation to raid your campsite. Also be sure to put out your fire before going to bed. The wind could pick up and send your fire outside of the fire ring and catch fire other places. Now you are ready to enjoy a good night’s sleep in your new tent.

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