TOP 7 Ideas for a Space-Saving Kitchen


Ideas for Space Saving Kitchen

It requires smart thinking and some efforts to maximise every inch in your small kitchen. So, don’t just fall for gorgeous looks but also consider complete functionality when it comes to installing a kitchen worktop or cabinets in a small kitchen.

#1 7 Ideas for a Space-Saving Kitchen

There is no need to compromise with the style and practicality of a kitchen, just because it has a small size. However, people living in a small house often find it confusing to make the most out of the available space.

Don’t worry; we are here with some useful space-saving hacks to help you maximise the space in your tiny kitchen – right from installing small appliances to creating innovative storage solutions. Follow these seven tips for creating a space-saving kitchen:

#1 Use Small Appliances

Try to add small and minimal appliances in your kitchen to make space appear bigger and clutter free. By adding a few small appliances, you can easily make your kitchen look stylish without compromising the functionality.

#2 Under-mount Small Sink

Many people choose granite kitchen worktops for adding sophisticated style to their kitchen. Besides that, you can add a small undermount sink to your kitchen to upgrade your cooking space. This makes the edges of your sink concealed while enhancing the available kitchen space.

#3 Cabinets to the Ceilings

Another interesting way to save your kitchen space is by making the most of your kitchen walls. You can make cabinets up to the ceiling for extra storage. Having high ceilings allow you to create visually expanded space in your kitchen while storing your extra kitchen utensils or accessories. You can even get the kitchen worktop in the same colour as the cabinets by consulting the good granite suppliers in London. This will also add a chic and sophisticated appeal to your modern kitchen.

#4 No Doors

It may sound cheesy to some but it certainly does the trick. Removing kitchen door makes your small room appear much larger. It even widens the entire wall from the front. Open kitchen space is much more stylish and also creates the illusion of extra space. Meanwhile, it even helps in easing out the cooking process when two or more cooks are working together.

#5 Minimalist Hardware

If you have a small kitchen, try to knock out the bulky knobs and unwanted kitchen hardware, cutlery or benches. Eliminate the extra objects that are too gaudy for a small space. Keep the minimum things that make your kitchen design appear slender and chic.

#6 Keep the Open Spaces Clear

The only way to handle small kitchen spaces is to keep the sinks and countertop areas clean and clutter-free all the time. Keeping unwanted things on the worktop makes the area look messy, making it appear smaller than it actually is. Also, use the right lighting fixtures to enhance the appearance of your kitchen areas.

#7 Let the Light Come In

If there are any windows, try to avoid hanging any objects near the window. Keep the windows clear and clean to bring in the natural daylight and to make space appear larger than it actually is. Natural light always plays a good role in making the inner space appear well-ventilated, airy and bigger. The natural light even saves power or electricity. Moreover, it illuminates the interior of the kitchen while making it appear brighter and wider. Even the open shelves are considered to be the best for any smaller kitchen.


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