How to Make Coffee While Camping – A Complete Guide


How to Make Coffee While Camping

Camping is an adventure we all relish at least once in a lifetime. Camping involves setting yourself out of the comfortable homes and offices into the wild. It provides an alluring experience mixed with fear and joy. Camping in USA is very common and we often tend to see a larger portion of the population going uphill to their Camping cottages in order to simply relinquish the joy of being one with nature. However, Camping is not an easy task. There is a vivid list of items that need to be carried along during a camping session. Feeling one with the nature coupled with the modern amenities might not be your forte but it is essential to possess them in order to have a successful camping trip. Missing out on any of the essential items necessary for camping would not help you to have a successful expedition into the wild. Camping is all about having fun with friends and family away from the daily mundane routine activities of life.

#1 Where to Park Yourself?

Camping doesn’t always mean that you have to live inside wooden cottages and celebrate. In order to enjoy the beauty of nature, it is suggested to have an Outdoor Family Camping Tent. Such a tent houses all members of the family comfortably while giving you a feeling of being one with Mother Nature. Such tents can be naturally cooled or if you are a little too sassy then Camping Tent Air Conditioner is a must for you. However such luxurious items would not help you enjoy the nature at its full glory. If Air conditioners turn out to add up a little more weight to your camping luggage, it is invariably advised to pack a cooler for camping to keep yourself cool and breezy during the entire Camping trip.

#2 What else to Pack while on Camping-get a brief ?

You might just want to carry your dog along with you while going camping. In that case, a Portable Dog Fence for camping might prove handy for you to keep your dog safe and relaxed during the entire trip. Camping generally involves washing yourself out in the open. However, if that is not your forte then carrying Portable Camping Showers are the best way to keep yourself clean and fresh during the entire period of Camping out in the hills. While on Camping some people tend to carry their bikes along for some adventure sports down the hills and through the forests. However, you must keep in mind to pack a bike lock for camping else you might just have to return without one after the trip gets over. It is very important to keep your luggage and the items contained in it safe throughout the camping trip since these camping grounds might be unsafe during the wee hours of the night or day.

#3 Best Part of Camping?- Where coffee is must

The best part of camping apart from all the adventures, celebrations, music and hiking is the part where you get up early in the morning, light up a bonfire and make a cup of fine-grained coffee for you and your family. Considering camping tea kettle, as a part of the camping luggage while planning for a camping trip is extremely important. However, making coffee in the wild away from the kitchens with automatic burners and coffee machines can be a little tricky yet challenging. You can always carry automated portable coffee machines that run on battery and brew your own cup of coffee. However, it won’t really give you the feel of being in the wild and doing things the “wild way”. Hence “Cowboy Coffee” is the best-suggested method of brewing a thick cup of coffee and also feeling a little tough from the inside.

#3 What You need to Brew a “Cowboy Coffee”?

• Best Stainless Steel Camping Coffee Pot
• 1 Egg
• Ground Coffee
• Cold Water
• Cheesecloth
• Cowboy Hat (Compulsory)

#4 How to Brew?

• Fill up the Coffee Pot with Cold Water and set it up on the open flame to bring it up to full
• Put on the Cowboy Hat & stick a grass shoot to your teeth to feel a little “From the West”
• Place the ground coffee on the cheesecloth
• Slightly crack open the egg (not full but a little) and place on the grounds
• Tie up the cheesecloth with the coffee grounds and egg in it
• Place the mixture into the boiling coffee pot of water
• Remove the pot from the heat and let the coffee precipitate
• After precipitation, remove the cheesecloth and the coffee mixture
• Serve and enjoy a delicious hot pot of coffee for you and your family
• Congratulate yourself on being a part of the “Cowboy Coffee Club”

Now since you know how to make yourself a sipping hot cup of “Cowboy Coffee” it’s time to relinquish the best part of camping every time you go out on a camping trip. Items required to make a “Cowboy Coffee” must be a part of your camping luggage. Camping is the best possible way to move away from the hustle and bustle of the daily mundane activities to help rejuvenate and bask in the glory of the beautiful nature amidst all its creations. In the United States camping is an extremely popular hobby and now that you know how to keep yourself warm during the cold mornings and shivering nights, camping will prove to be quite successful for you. Coffee makes the experience of camping a little more exciting and refreshing and keeps your mind away from all the hectic activities of daily life which does not give you the time to spend with your family. Camping in USA is a huge alibi for people with too much of a hectic scheduled just for people -spending some hours away from the crowded city and work with the family resting, celebrating and having a jolly time while being close to Mother Nature. Get to Camping today and avail the best among everything.


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