How to Find Top-Quality Weight Sets that Will Meet Your Fitness Goal


Find Top-Quality Weight Sets that Will Meet Your Fitness Goal

Taking your first steps toward buying new fitness equipment such as weight sets can be complicated because there are many options and brands available on the market today. This weight set buying guide is intended to outline some important things that you should to take into consideration when purchasing weight lifting equipment.

Our main objective is to inform you as a customer in order for you to become knowledgeable enough to avoid sales swindles and end up with the right product to meet your workout goal.

First and foremost, you should understand the role of weight sets on your fitness program. Weights are the common types of equipment used in strength training that aims to develop the strength and size of your skeletal muscles. In fact, those people who have made an effort and failed on overhauling their fitness with just cardio and diet reveal that weight set training provides outstanding results.

#1 Where to Start?

Before we talk about tips on how to research different makers and models, here are some things to consider before purchasing weight sets.

1. Price

First and foremost, you should consider how much you will invest in order to get high quality weight equipment. The price varies on the type of use of the weight set. You can usually buy simple dumbbell sets ranging from $20 to $70, full bench systems around $200, barbells from $30 to $250, and $1000 or more for first class machine weight systems. Sometimes, sets that are of cheaper price are just as sturdy as a more pricey set, but with less add-ons and customization.

2. Durability

Second, you have to look for a model that is durable enough for long-time use. There are actually many low-priced, plastic weights available, packed with sand or some other materials for weight. This kind of set will undeniably wear over time and become unusable in the long run. When it comes to durability, conventional cast iron weight systems is a good option for you.

3. Flexibility

You also need to consider how much weight a particular set can accommodate. There are actually a number of barbell systems that allocate for extra weight to be added. You may purchase additional iron plates if more weight is considered necessary than that included in the equipment. There are a number of dumbbells as well that has a fixed weight, though adjustable dumbbell sets are available for a much higher price.

#2 Weight Set Components

1. Dumbbell

One piece of equipment included in a weight set is the dumbbell. They may come individually or in pairs, depending on the size of the set. When choosing a weight set, scrutinize the quality and the flexibility of the dumbbell very carefully.

In a weight set, a dumbbell may come in three different types, the fixed-weight, the selector, and the adjustable dumbbell, and each of them has a definite purpose of use. So, if you are to buy a weight system, then you must choose the one that fits your fitness program.

2. Barbell

This is another component that you can find when purchasing a weight set. Barbells have different lengths and some of them are engraved by a knurled crosshatch model to help lifters get a nice grip.

3. Weight Plates

These plates are also included on the set. There are weights that include rubber coated plates, which are comprehensively praised for its sturdiness. If you are after the quality, then you may consider this in buying a set of weights.

#3 Optional Features to Consider 

1. Vinyl Set

Weight sets that are made of vinyl is easy to clean and durable. You just have to wipe it with a clean fabric regularly. Apart from that, it provides convenience and versatility to your workout with minimal hassle.

2. Adjustable Mechanism

The huge advantage of weight sets could be their adjustability. This would greatly benefit fitness starters who would just want to tone muscles.

3. Extensive Warranties

By all means, you should always look for a manufacturer that offers extensive warranties that would last more than two years. For instance, if a manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty, then it could simply mean that they are confident of the quality of their products and services.

#4 Tips on Maintaining Your Weight Equipment

To get the most out of your weight set, you should follow various maintenance steps. Proper care of your equipment can keep it in working condition and can last for a long period of time.

Check and Inspect: Check the screws, bolts, and adjustment mechanisms of each piece of equipment comprising the weight set. Also, make certain that weight collars fit tightly and you should often inspect the weight plates for any cracks.

Cleaning: Dirt can be one of the factors that can pose threat to your equipment. Therefore, you should clean it more than often. If possible, arrange your set on a dirt-free bracket after using it.

Avoid Mishandling: Make sure that you handle the equipment with proper care. If you misuse it often, then expect that it would not last for a long time.

Repairs: In case you will have any major problem with your weight sets that you cannot resolve by hand, contact an expert repairman to fix it.


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