TOP 3 Tips on Dumbbell Workouts for Women


A lot of women think that dumbbell workouts will lead them to having those masculine biceps and that this kind of workout must be avoided at all costs. However, that is not true. To be direct, most women who tend to think that way do not know how to exercise properly, and as a result, they do not achieve the potential results they desire.

Tips on Dumbbell Workouts for Women

In fact, dumbbell exercises can give you fine-looking, feminine arms as well as extra strength. Provided here are 3 things you should know about dumbbell workouts for women.

#1 Start With The Light Ones

For sure, you will not be taking a 10 pounds dumbbell if this is your first time to exercise with dumbbells. First and foremost, you should start with dumbbells weighing from 2 to 3 pounds. Even you can physically manage to lift more than the given weight, the basic rule of performing exercises applies with dumbbells as well, so you should start from the basics while slowly increasing the level of difficulty. Moreover, your risk of getting hurt and injuring your muscles is high when you directly proceed to lifting heavy weights.

Apart from that, you should think of dumbbells as a form of exercise that will not hurt your body too much. Although you will be performing your dumbbell workout soon, you will still be able to do your current exercise routine. You may mix and match dumbbells workout with your existing exercises. What you need is a little more strength to perform this without exhausting your body.

The great idea is to opt for adjustable dumbbells in order for you to start with light weights. They may cost a little bit substantial, but then they require less space and you obtain a comprehensive set of dumbbells. You may also utilize them at home.

#2 Choose The Right Workout For Your Arms

Any kind of training that involves dumbbell lifting is a good workout for your arms. There are a lot of dumbbell exercises which work for your arms; however, the most popular are biceps and triceps dumbbell exercises. Here are two examples of dumbbell workout basics targeting your biceps and triceps.

  • Exercise #1: Biceps Dumbbell Exercise

Equipment: Adjustable dumbbells or traditional dumbbells

  • You can stand or sit down while doing this.
  • Start by bending your elbows. Note: Do not swing your arms when doing this.
  • Keep your arms straight from your shoulders toward your elbows.
  • Repeat again.
  • Exercise  #2: Triceps Dumbbell Exercise 

Equipment: Adjustable dumbbells or traditional dumbbells

  • Stand straight.
  • Put your right foot behind your left foot. Hold on to a counter or a chair using your left arm.
  • Lean forward slowly and hold a 2 pounds dumbbell using your right hand.
  • Raise your arm straight behind your rear as high as you can. Do not lean forward.
  • Repeat. Do the same exercise with your other arm.

#3 Opt For The Right Workout For Your Legs

When you work out your legs while holding heavyweight dumbbells, more strength is required to do those leg exercises. If possible, do not use heavy weight dumbbells immediately yet do start with dumbbells weighing between 4 and 5 pounds.  Here is an example of basic dumbbell workout for your legs.

  • Exercise #3: Legs Dumbbell Exercise

Equipment: Adjustable dumbbells or traditional dumbbells weighing 4 to 5 pounds.

  • Hold the dumbbells.
  • Bend your elbows. Keep them at shoulder height.
  • Squat for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat.

#4 Tips for Effective Workout

Before doing these dumbbell exercises for women, you have to make sure that you have performed warm ups. Remember that lifting weights requires full strength and vigor so you need to prepare your body for the hard work. You can warm up by doing a bit of walking and running on a treadmill at a slower pace, biking, or just stretching. Do not forget to breathe in and breathe out properly for it is an important factor for your stamina and strength training.

Furthermore, make sure that you eat the right and nutritious foods and take the right hours of sleep. Go for foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals and of course, protein. Keep in mind that you need to be active and strong enough to perform your workout routine.

In general, training with dumbbells can be definitely great for you. Light workouts as such can help you tone you body muscles and improve your current workout routine. If you do well on your routine with dumbbells, it can give you potential results in no time.

We hope that this tutorial about dumbbell workouts for women will be of great help to you in understanding and performing the right exercise for a specific part of your body. We also hope that we have contributed to reaching your workout goals.


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