Top 10 Best Wood Folding Tables to Buy in 2019


Best Wood Folding Tables ReviewsWood folding tables are designed in many diverse ways to meet all your needs and serve you perfectly. Since these tables come in a wide array of styles and design that makes them vary in length, stiffness and look, it may be hard for you to get the right wood folding table if you have little knowledge about them. This guide, however, is to help you make the selection of the top best models of wood folding tables that you may want to invest in any time. We have made it hassle free for you by looking into the markets, doing a lot of research for you, and finally coming up with top best-reviewed models as far as this year is concerned.

#1 Things to Consider When Buying Wood Folding Tables

Quality: the quality of the table you intend to buy requires more consideration. Be keen to choose on the best-made wood folding tables and avoid the poorly made ones that will not be able to serve you efficiently. The quality of the table should be worth your investment so that you can be able to enjoy its use all the time with much ease.

Purpose: you should be able to consider purpose as a factor in determining which table you should invest in. Wood folding tables are in diverse and this makes them have much different use depending on the look or built method. Know the intended purpose of your table before actually investing in any so that you can have an easy time with its use. The table you intend to buy should be able to meet your wants in all ways, therefore, be keen on the kind of table you want.

Design: before purchasing any wood folding table look keenly on the design of the table. You will need a wonderful table that is of good design and able to keep in line with the modernized technology. The right design matters a lot you would want to buy for the table to avoid the poorly made tables that are not efficient in their work and easily prone to damages.

Price: the price of the wood folding tables you may want to invest in matters a lot, some wood tables will be at low prices while others will be a little more expensive. If you need to get a good quality table of better design and can be able to last you for long, then you will have to spend more to get this table. The less expensive tables are not always of good design and can easily be damaged in a short period.

#2 Why You Need Wood Folding Tables

  • They are perfect and can be used in your dining area or the kitchen area.
  • They are multi-functional and at a time you can be able to use them as makeup desk or they can act as the television stand.

#3 Best Wood Folding Tables Reviews 2019

#10 Iceberg Economy Wood Laminate Folding Table

In this review, we begin with this great product that is perfectly built with a simple and elegant style. This product has amazing features that will make you fall in love with it more, the underside of this wood folding table is sealed with melamine to prevent any moisture absorption. The table has plastic corners together with firm support from the steel skirt that enables the surface of the table to be fully protected when stacking. Furthermore, the legs of this amazing product are of 1-inch diameter, steel constructed, and has protective foot cap to give the table form support all the time.

Extra features

  • The edges of this wood folding table are made of a black vinyl T-mold.
  • The melamine top of this table is 5/8-inches thick and wear resistant.

#9 Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Drop Leaf Table 

This table is the right choice you should consider investing in; it is manufactured by a trusted source that is well known for stylish accessories and furniture. When you buy this table you will not incur any transportation cost or problems as Ashley Furniture as made it a habit of doing packaging and delivering your purchase right at your doorstep in a timely manner. This is a perfect product for you to use in a small space area as it fits perfectly in a small nook or your dining area and can be able to accommodate up to four people.

Another great thing about this table is that it has a dark espresso brown finish that is so amazing and would make everyone enjoy the use of the table. Finally, this product is made of compact design and if you are in of a dinner table then this is the model for you to have.

Extra features

  • This dining table is round shaped and made of veneers and engineered wood with hinged extension leaves.
  • The assembly of this product is easy as it comes with easy to follow instructions, tools, and hardware.

#8 XL Series Square Folding Table

Let us look at this table that is considered to be the strongest and largest card table that is currently available for you in the market. This is a multi-functional product as you can be able to use in churches, offices or your home set up. This table is built with a wheelchair design that makes it the preferred choice for senior centers and retirement communities.

Additionally, this product will also be able to last you for a long period because of the vinyl upholstery and commercial grade steel construction. Lastly, this wood folding table has the largest square top when compared to other tables hence can accommodate more stuff.

Extra features

  • The legs of this table are designed to lock in in a place for the purpose of safety and stability.
  • This table is the perfect choice for you to use in your dining area or kitchen space as it guarantees efficiency.

#7 Camco Bamboo 51893 Folding Table with Aluminum Legs

If you are looking for a wooden folding table that is durable and perfect to be used anywhere in the house then try this table. The top of this table is made from bamboo that gives it an attractive look from all angles. This product is not only ideal in many areas but is also constructed in a sturdy design that makes it stable and able to last for a long duration of time. This wonderful table has lightweight telescoping aluminum legs and you can easily fold the table flat to make its storage easy.

In addition, when you purchase this table you will be able to get after sales service and a warranty period of one year just in case the table gets damaged. Finally, this product has a convenient carrying handle that makes it easy for you to move the table around to any place of your choice.

Extra features

  • This product has an adjustable height and measures 31.4 by 23.6.
  • It is the great choice for picnicking and camping.

#6 Flash Furniture Rectangular Wood Folding Table 

This rectangular wood folding table is so much preferred to be used in the banquet facilities, cafeterias, homes, and in schools. This table is designed in a way that it can be used as a temporary seating solution or can be made as a set-up for daily use. Amazingly, this product has two wide bolted wood runners that are fastened to the underside of the table and purely built to allow a perfect and safe table are stacking. This product can accommodate up to 8 adults and can support a load capacity of 580 lbs.

The bottom of this table is of double coated polyurethane varnish while the top of the table is of quadruple coated polyurethane varnish. To wrap it up, this rectangular table is the right model you should consider giving a try; it is always ready to use when purchased.

Extra Feature

  • This product has an adjustable height and measures 36 by 72

#5 AZUMAYA Folding Coffee Center Table

This review cannot be complete without having to look at this wood table that comes when fully assembled. This wood folding table is unique and built in a simple and elegant design. With this table, you will have the great experience with its use and you can easily set up in any place of your choice as it has folding legs. Unlike other wood folding tables, this table is the table is made of natural walnut and rubber wood material that gives it a classy look.

Additionally, the top of this product is of a satin finish with the horizontal surface made of sturdy design to enable it last conclusion, if you want to invest in a wooden folding table then opt for this model as it comes with a lot of features that will interest you.

Extra features

  • This table is of modern design and the perfect choice for you to have in your home.
  • It is well constructed with durable material that makes it last for a long period.

#4 Wood Folding Card Table 

If you are looking for a perfect wood folding table that is suitable for gaming and at the same time perfect for seating then here is the right type for you. You can be able to easily store this table in the closet or under the bed steel because of its design mechanism to fold up to 3 in. The edges of this wonderful table are straight with classic and soft feel. Lastly, this table is convenient to be used anywhere and it comes in multiple colors.

Extra features

  • This product is big and cozy and the large size makes it ideal for teens and adults.
  • It is super comfy and easy to fold and put away.

#3 Nathan James 41001 Kalos Solid Wood Drop Leaf Folding Kitchen 

This is an amazing table as it is designed with an extension mechanism to accommodate the number of people available for the sitting. When both leaves of this product are added the table can provide up to 6 people. If your space is limited then this is the ideal table for you as it is great for small spaces and apartments. You can easily collapse the leaves after having fun with friends or family members to save space and store flush against the wall. With this table you will be able to use it for a lot of things, you can remove one leaf and use the table as a desk makeup vanity or a game table you can also be able to drop both leaves and make use of the table as a console table or television stand.

Additionally, this table is built to last for a long period; it is constructed with water-resistant and anti-scratch material that makes it ideal to use every day. A stunning wood veneer in which this product is made of adds that perfect rustic glamour. Finally, this product has a solid wood base and can be able to hold up to 200lbs.

Extra features

  • It has a warranty duration of 5 years and if you feel like you don’t love it then you can return it.
  • This product is made in a way that it can be assembled easily by furniture building experience is required.

#2 Meco Straight Edge Folding Card Table 

This solid wood folding card table is made with a premium solid wood construction. The edges of this table are designed in a classic and straight look. If in need of a table for games then opt to invest in this model as it is the perfect choice for games and extra seating. In conclusion, no assembly is required for this table hence this makes is ready for use immediately after purchase.

Extra features

  • It folds to 3.375 deep for storage.
  • It is made of wood material and cherry in color.

#1 Cosco Folding Espresso Wood Table Square 

If you want to invest in wood folding tables then this is the first choice of a table you should consider, this product is designed in a way that it can easily fold flat and compact for easy storage mechanism. This table is of good quality when compared to others and it coordinates well with premium wood folding chairs.

Extra features

  • It is built to last with sturdy wood construction.
  • It is ideal for use in offices, homes or apartments.


#4 Conclusion

All the listed models in this review are of the best quality and good design. We are hopeful that with this guide you will be able to make a wise selection when it comes to investing in wood folding tables.


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