4 Of The Best Ways to Attract Wild Hogs


The Best Ways to Attract Wild Hogs

Hunting hogs in the wild could give an adrenaline rush to hunters, both seasoned and greenhorns. Wild hogs are a delight to hunt not only because they can be tracked more easily (owing to their large numbers) compared to deer or roebucks but also because getting a permit for stalking them is easily obtainable. Majority of those who wish to become ace hunters, pick up the ropes by starting with hunting wild hogs or boars.

Hogs make for natural baits, thanks to their highly developed and acute sense of smell. Using lures and baits effectively that will induce the animal to come out in the open and close enough for you to take a good shot at could be quite challenging, especially if you’re inexperienced. So, what is the best way to attract wild hogs?

Not giving them a hunch that you’re close by, is an ability that you’ll need to master sooner than later if you wish to make your hog hunting trips successful. At the same time, you’d do well to know that hogs tend to abound in areas or territories where food, shelter, and water are available aplenty. Once you’ve delineated their natural habitats, you can concentrate on your key area-good hog baits and temptations.


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Following are some handy tips and tricks for attracting wild boars or hogs:

#1 Drip Bags

Majority of hunters will vouch for the fact that using drip bags is one of the best ways to attract wild hogs. You do not have to put too much effort in making the most of this bait-all you need are a couple of gunny bags or burlap sacks, a bagful of corn, and a strong rope for tying the sacks and hanging them from a tree branch. Though you can make do with only one sack, making a single bag out of two (stuffing one into the other) makes the bait somewhat stronger, retaining the corn preparation for a longer period.

Soak sufficient amount of corn to fill the bag in water and add Kool-Aid packs (4-5 will suffice) or cappuccino mix. You can soak the corn in a large tub or drum filled halfway with water and make sure you stir the concoction while adding cappuccino mix or Kool-Aid. Once the concoction has developed a fairly thick consistency transfer the mixture to the gunny bag.

Tie one end of the rope to a stout branch of a tree that can withstand the bag’s bulkiness. Ensure to hang the rope from a tree in a location or area which offers you good visibility. Next, fasten the rope’s other end to the sack firmly so that it stays suspended long enough for the hogs to keep coming to have a go at it.

Hoist the bag high enough so that the boars will be barely able to tug or nibble at the sack. However, ensure that the bag is sufficiently low to let the trickling drop to the ground around a specific spot. The dripping should happen slowly but steadily to hold on to the likelihood of hogs milling around that area.

Once the liquid has completely drained out, you can release the sack and unfasten the noose so that hogs can access the corn mixture. You can bet you’ll get near unlimited opportunities to aim at your target if you take advantage of this kind of temptation.

#2 Boar Dynamite

Boar Dynamite is another best way to attract hogs trick you can use to your advantage for bringing hogs in your line of fire or within your firing range. Contrary to what you may think, preparing boar dynamite bait is remarkably simple and easy. If you can create the perfect dispenser-type dynamite, the atmosphere or air in your hunting area will be heavy with the pungent odor for an extended period.

The boar dynamite stick almost resembles the original stick of dynamite if the same is crafted scientifically. You simply have to carve out a section from a PVC conduit or pipe and plug one of the ends. Now make an opening at the other end for inserting a small nylon cord and remember to keep this end free for refills without detaching the cutout cap.

Next, choose a good spot where you can set up the dispenser at a height which will be beyond the animal’s reach. Attach or fasten the pipe section to a tree limb or a creosote post (easily available in a lumber yard) which you install on the ground. After that, pour ‘pig’s sow-in heat attractant’ inside the pipe, set the nylon rope in such a way that one of the ends juts out, and replace the cutout cap.

The rope serves the same function as the wick of a candle, gradually spreading the strong smell but minimizing dripping of the liquid. If you can set up the boar dynamite stick perfectly, you can rest assured that boars will be drawn to its overpowering stench.

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#3 Postholes Can Be Excellent Baits

Hogs are infamous for causing heavy damage to cultivable land or ground by aggressively digging up earth or soil. Grab a pair of posthole diggers and create holes in the ground approximately 3-4 feet deep all around. Fill up the depressions with corn mix comprising water and Kool-Aid or other corn recipes.

Replace the soil to envelope the holes fully. You’ll soon see hogs swarming the area, keenly snorting the area around the holes, and trying to scoop out earth. As they assemble to start digging vehemently, you can take cover under a blind to keep an eye on them but camouflage yourself at the same time.

#4 Corn Soaked in Beer

If you are not yet aware, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that even boars like to get tipsy at the end of an exhausting day. That, in turn, implies you can set a good trap for drawing them near to you by immersing corn in a large container already filled with a few bottles of beer. Stir the solution thoroughly and allow the mixture to stand for the next couple of days.

Corn will absorb the beer and will become moist enough for dispersing around your baiting zone.

#2 Conclusion

The best ways to attract wild hogs outlined above are time-honored strategies that have been exploited to the hilt by hunters with varying experience. So, it is expected these baiting tips will work for you as well. Also, be in the know that hogs have a weakness for acorns, thistles, and pecans besides corn meaning that you can use these as lures as well


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