Top 10 Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet to Buy in 2020


Are you a victim of flat feet? Living with flat feet can be disturbing sometimes. But then you can’t eliminate your feet just because you are experiencing some sort of discomfort when waking or after walking. The truth is that this condition is quite normal and common for some adults. Approximately a third of the adults have flat feet and often experience discomfort after a long walk or after standing for quite a long time.  There is much more in shoes for flat feet than just fitting into your legs. The arches are naturally made to serve as shock absorbers while walking. Therefore, your arches need maximum support to avoid future aches and sores. That why you need the best walking shoes for flat feet.

After testing over 100 brands of shoes, I came up with a list of 10 brands that will definitely serve your flat feet well and with zero disappointments. But before I review the brands, let’s have a look at some specific issues to help you in the choosing.

#1 How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

However easy it may seem to be, trust me, the choosing exercise can be quite tricky sometimes. However, there is no need to panic because I got the tricks right here. The market is flooded with different brands of walking shoes for flat feet and therefore things get harder when it comes to choosing the best for your flat feet. If you really need the exercise to be successful, the following factors should always be considered.

#1 Supportive Heel

At times, flat feet may develop pain due to twisting and bending while walking. To make sure this doesn’t happen, it is recommended that you consider shoes with a low and supportive heel for walking. This way, your ankles will be safe from twisting. High heeled shoes not only does it cause bending of your ankles but also places your spine on unnecessary strain thus leading to unexpected back pains.

#2 Wide Toe Box

It must be an unpleasant feeling when you wear shoes with a narrow toe box. You can imagine all that squeezing and pressure. This will definitely feel quite uncomfortable. No one wishes to walk with uncomfortable shoes however smart they may be. It hereby advisable to consider shoes with a wide toe box to create a natural and comfortable in-shoe feel.

#3 Material

This list should never end with this basic consideration. This consideration will not only go for the walking shoes for flat feet but also to all shoes. The quality of the material of your shoe should be incredible and reliable.  A quality material should allow free air circulation to create a comfortable environment in there while walking. Secondly, the material should be waterproof to make the shoe ideal for walking during rainy seasons.

#4 Arch Support

The fact is that different people have different arches. Some are low arched while others are high arched. It is there crucial if you have it in mind that your kind of arches matters a lot when choosing the best walking shoes for flat feet.

#5 Comfortability

As we all know, comfort is all that we looking for here. Therefore, this factor should never be ignored whatsoever.  A good walking shoe should be well cushioned to offer optimum comfort while walking

#6 Durability

Durability will mostly lie under the material consideration. However, I find it wise to have it as a standalone point. AM sure you wouldn’t wish to buy a pair of shoes only to serve you for less than 6 months. That will be quite disappointing. Before you settle for any specific walking shoe brand, make sure it’s durable enough to serve you to your satisfaction.

#2 What Are the Types of Feet Deformations?

When you are walking, your feet will naturally roll inwards after every step to make sure that any shock created from the step is completely absorbed and prevent any possible pain on the ankles. Now, if the inward or outward motion of the feet exceeds its limits, the shock absorption grows less effective and this places your feet into a risk of getting injured.

With a connection to that, there are basically three types of distinguished pronation.

#1 Neutral Pronation

This refers to the normal position of your arches. This I by far the healthiest arches’ position. Here, shock absorption is at its highest effect. This type of pronation is common with normal sized feet.

#2 Overpronation

When you are running and your feet fall outside the heel and then rolls past its inward roll limit, all your body weight is now placed on the inner edges of your feet. This excessive inward rolling of the feet is what we call overpronation.

This type of pronation is common with flat feet and with people of low arches.

#3 Under Pronation

This type of pronation can also be termed as Supination. It’s simply the opposite of overpronation. It happens when you hit the ground with little or minimal pronation. This means that there will be a great transmission of shock through your arches leading to painful ankles.

This type of pronation is common among people of high arches.

#3 What Causes Overpronation and Underpronation?

#1 Overpronation

There several causes of overpronation. These include:

  • When the calf muscle is tight
  • Proximal control
  • Weak posterior tibial muscle
  • Front feet virus


  • Get some good orthotics and wear them on a regular basis
  • Get the best shoes for overpronation
  • Get the condition examined perfectly
  • Consider regular body exercise

#2 UnderPronation

Under pronation happens as a result of:

  • Calf muscle tightening
  • Lack of ankle stability
  • Unsupportive footwear


  • Wear perfectly supportive shoes
  • Wear well-cushioned shoes
  • Do muscle stretching after running
  • Train your ankles

#4 What Are the Symptoms of Over and Under Pronation?

The following are the common symptoms and signs of Overpronation and Underpronation.

  • Persisting pain in the ankle
  • Pain in the lower back
  • Strenuous muscles
  • Unnecessary hip strain

Pro note:

People with flat feet experience the same predicaments with Overpronators and under-pronators.

#5 Key Advantages of Getting Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

There will always be a strong reason as to why I recommend a product to you. The most important reason for you to get the best shoes for flat feet is to reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort on your arches while or after walking. The following other additional reasons as to why I recommend best walking shoes for flat feet.

  • Supportive shoes for flat feet will always keep your feet stable and free from unexpected twists
  • Best walking shoes for flat feet are well cushioned and provide maximum comfort while you walk.
  • The best shoes for flat feet will help get rid of all discomforts associated with ankle bending and twisting
  • They help keep your spine aligned thus preventing unnecessary back pains.
  • Best walking shoes for flat feet helps avoid fatigue caused by long walks.

#6 Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet Reviews 2020

As I promised, below is a list of reviews for 10 walking shoes for flat feet. Let’s have a look.

#1 Asics Men’s GEL-Foundation Walker 3 (4E)

Asics Men’s GEL-Foundation Walker 3 (4E)Are you having trouble finding the best shoes for your flat feet? It shouldn’t be a worry anymore. My extensive research on walking shoes for flat feet bore me ripe fruits and here is one of the 10 best results I got from the research. The Asics sneakers may be ideal for you.

Here, comfort is all we seek. Therefore, Asics is basically designed to offer optimum comfort to your feet as you walk. Definitely, if you are a long distance walker/runner, this exactly what you need. These shoes are additionally light enough for long distance walks.

Good walking shoes for flat feet should always be supportive enough to keep your ankles a normal pronation as you walk.  Asics is a true sample of such shoes. The shoes are excellently supportive and stable to make sure that shock absorption on your feet is at its perfect effect.

Talking of the material, it is a collaboration of natural and synthetic leather.  Basically, the whole production process of the shoe has one single target and that is the comfort and optimum arches’ support.

Most shoes do have an issue of the midsole, but as for Asics, this problem was well taken care of. The shoe comes with an amazing material that provides a perfect bounce back attribute thus eliminating the breakdown of the midsole.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Excellently Supportive
  • Has a light sole
  • The shoes are durable
  • The shoes are quite affordable
  • Has a removable inner sole
  • These shoes are not good for long-distance walking

#2 Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker V-Strap Walking Shoes

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker V-Strap Walking ShoesDo you have low arches? You need a shoe with a perfect support to keep your arches stable and improve the shock absorption. Luckily, Brooks Addiction Walker is an ideal match for your needs. Flat feet people need shoes that are adequately supportive, comfy/cushioned, and secure shoes for an improved walking experience.

This fantastic shoe is available in only two colors. That is white and black. It is basically made of a leather material and sometimes with a sued material (brown in color).

Brooks Addiction Walker is good for long distance running and walking as well. They offer a wonderful cushioning on your feet as you walk and give your feet the most perfect/utmost comfort. The sole is light but durable and therefore fits well into long-distance runner’s world.

What I love most about these sneakers is that they are designed to keep your motion under a great control and offer an excellent support to your arches. With these shoes, there will be no more complains of Overpronation whatsoever.

Pain experienced on the ankles while or after walking can be alleviated by well-cushioned shoes with great support and stability, a comfy innersole and maximum arches control to maintain a reliable shock absorption.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Comes with both laces and Velcro straps
  • Perfect motion control
  • Comes with an Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar making it fit for Overpronators
  • The relatively comfortable
  • They give a warm feeling on the feet
  • Adequately versatile
  • These sneakers are costly
  • Limited color choices


#3 Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe

Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking ShoeThis brand is not yet well recognized. Especially in the sports footwear world. However, the brand is good and ideal for people with different feet deformations. Among these people, are those with low arches?

Saucony is basically made of leather. In addition, the brand comes with a breathable textile to allow free air circulation inside the while you walk. This prevents unnecessary feet sweating which causes bad odor and feet sores. I wouldn’t forget of the comfort the shoe provides together with an excellent support and stability any person with low arches will definitely need.

This model is great to deal for everyone with any foot type. May it be moderate or minimal Overpronation. Saucony will always play its role appropriately. It comes with great cushioning to provide a comfy environment inside the shoe. Not forget of the great support and a perfect shock absorption.

If you are into long-distance running/walking, I guess you need a shoe like Saucony. With these sneakers, there will be no more ankle pains because here, shock absorption is at its utmost effect.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Comes with perfect cushioning for comfort purposes
  • Stable and supportive for utmost motion control
  • Allows free air circulation
  • It’s quite affordable
  • Made of leather material thus durable
  • May run wide sometimes
  • Can be costly for some people


#4 Spira Women’s Classic Leather Walking Shoes

Spira Women’s Classic Leather Walking ShoesFrom its title, the brand is specially made for women only. Meaning it’s only suitable for women with flat feet. There is one attribute that distinguishes this brand form all other sneakers. Our main focus here is the comfort while walking. The sneakers are perfectly comfortable and give a wonderful foot cushioning

Spira sneakers are primarily made of leather material and this definitely makes the brand durable and quite reliable. And am quite sure you would wish to get something that will serve to your satisfaction. Satisfaction here comes in terms of durability. Spira sneakers will surely give you your heart desires.

In addition, the walking sneakers come with amazing features. They are well ventilated and allows free air circulation to keep feet sweating as history to you.

In terms of comfort, the sneakers are perfectly cushioned to give a comfy feeling while walking. The sole light but firm enough to provide the required support for maximum motion control. With these sneakers, there will be no more feet aches and probably no lower back aches whatsoever.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Comes with a removable inner sole for easy cleaning
  • Available in both lace and strap designs
  • Has an inbuilt arch support to improve shock absorption
  • Limited color choices
  • Only available for women


#5 Propet Stability Walker Medicare Sneaker

Propet Stability Walker Medicare Sneaker

Stability matters a lot when it comes to flat feet motion control. Propet Stability is an ideal choice for those with flat feet. In addition, the sneakers work well for people living with diabetes.

Surprisingly, the sneakers have over a thousand positive customer reviews on Amazon. You will agree with me that over a thousand customers can’t be under a spell of giving false reviews. It’s definitely what they experienced. It’s time your review got counted.

Its name showcases its qualities. Propet Stability Walker Medicare Sneakers. The sneakers come with incredible stability and support to create and maintain a great motion control and improve on the shock absorption. Besides, they have medically approved for all types of feet deformations.

To touch on its comfortability, the shoe is well cushioned and amazingly gives comfy feeling while walking. Trust name with such a wonderful feeling, you can’t ever experience any sort of pain or fatigue on your feet no matter how long you run/walk.

The sneakers are made of leather and this makes them durable. In every step you take with Propet stability, you rest assured of full motion control. No shocks or pains whatsoever.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Approved for diabetes
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a perfect stability and support
  • Removable inner sole
  • Rubber outer sole to keep them slip-resistant
  • Limited colors options


#6 InStride Newport Sneakers

InStride Newport Sneakers

Flat feet will always need adequate support and stability. This stability and support will only come from the best walking shoes for flat feet. Shoes that are specially designed to aid in improving motion control in flat victims. InStride Newport could be the ideal choice for all flat feet victims.

InStride Newport comes with additional depth to make it ideal to fit into all types of flat feet with utmost comfort and support.

InStride does not only provide stability and support for motion control but also prevents feet conditions like swelling, bunions and hammer toe.

A good walking shoe for flat feet should always be able to protect and relief you from footwear and fatigue. Those regular ankle pains you experience every time you take a long distance walk will completely disappear the moment you get yourself a pair or two pairs of InStride Newport sneakers.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Relatively supportive and stable
  • It’s adjustable and can fit into all types of flat feet
  • More stability at the heel resting areas
  • Medically recommended by specialists for diabetes victims
  • It’s expensive


#7 Easy Spirit Women’s Punter Athletic Shoe

Easy Spirit Women’s Punter Athletic ShoeAre you a flat feet victim and seeking to get a perfect pair of walking shoes specially designed for flat feet people?  You must be a lucky being today. You just got yourself in the right place.  Easy Spirit sneakers are what you seek.

This sneaker holds more than just a footwear. They are made to provide extraordinary support and stability to your feet to maintain optimum shock absorption needed when taking a walk or when running. It’s time you enjoyed hiking and jogging with minimal or zero feet pains and aches.

With Easy Spirit sneakers, you rest assured of a perfect feet cushioning. The innersole is comfy and gives your feet a cloud-soft feeling while walking.

The sneakers have a relatively lightweight that makes things easier for athletes. There is less or no fatigue with Easy spirit. Even the name predicts its qualities and services. Things are just easy and comforting with Easy Spirit sneakers for people living with flat feet.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • The Sneakers are Affordable
  • Well Supportive
  • Well Cushioned
  • Come with a heel pull-loop to make things easy when wearing and pulling-off your sneakers
  • Lightweight this ideal for long distance walking/running
  • Mostly available for women


#8 New Balance MW877 Walking Shoe


Are you a flat feet victim and tired of the regular feet pains and aches? It’s high time you brought all that to a stop. You don’t have to quit your long distance walking/running just because your feet pains you when you are running or after running. All you need is a pair of New Balance MW877 sneakers for yourself.

Obviously, good walking shoes for flat feet should have adequate support and stability to prevent unnecessary ankle twists. The stability of the shoes depends on the outer sole grip and material too. As long as the sole has grip and is adequately firm, then support will also be inadequate.

New Balance Sneakers come with an outsole made of rubber to aid in improving the stability of the shoes. In addition, rubber soles are usually durable and do not wear out easily. The sneakers are stylish and their designs are in support of stabilizing every stride you take.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Has free air circulation
  • The outsole is firm supportive
  • Has a Stylish external design
  • Ideal for wide and flat feet victims
  • It’s an Expensive Brand


#9 New Balance Men’s 928v3 Walking Shoe

New Balance Men’s 928v3 Walking ShoeI wouldn’t wish to leave this one behind.  It deserves to be among the top 10 walking shoes for flat feet. It’s an amazing shoe with promising attributes. It’s among the best versatile sneakers available for feet with different issues.

Mostly, New Balance Men’s 928v3 works well for people with high arches. Relatively, a pair of these sneakers is recommended for Underpronators, knee pain victims, Hammertoe victims and back pain victims too. Those with wide flat feet are also not left out. They can have a pair of New Balance Men’s 928v3 to improve their walking experience once and for all.

For our diabetic friends, specialists do recommend that walking on these amazing sneakers will definitely be healthy for your feet. The sneakers come with a roll bar that helps mitigate heels from rolling and prevents unnecessary ankle twists and bending.

The making material of these sneakers happens to be leather. This makes the entire deal complete because the leather material is most reliable as far as shoe durability is concerned. The breathability of the shoe is awesome and thus allows for a perfect airflow inside the shoes.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Ideal for all feet issues
  • Has a roomy toe box
  • Has a removable innersole
  • It’s less chunky
  • Recommended for diabetic people
  • It’s Costly


#10 Vionic Men Orthaheel Technology Classic Walker

Propet Stability Walker Medicare Sneaker

The last and probably not the least, we have Vionic sneakers. I know how disturbing feet aches and pains can be especially for those people living with flat feet. Also, for those with pronation issues, bunions and other issues related to feet, it’s time to take off the burden of achy feet after long distance walks. All you need now the Vionic sneakers. With only a pair or two, your walking and running experience will never be the same again. They have a comfy innersole that provides amazing feet cushioning when walking or running.

This shoe is available for both men and women designs. It is well known for its perfect motion control. If you are experiencing serious overpronation, it’s good that you consider purchasing a pair of these wonderful sneakers.

Its innersole can be removed and washed separately making it more convenient. It allows free air circulation while walking to prevent sweating.

The Vionic comes with a midsole that aids in shock absorbing. The shoe happens to be ideal for those living with back problems, knee pains, and ankle aches as well. Get your pair today and start experiencing the beauty of long distance walking with zero feet pains and aching

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Vionic is water resistant
  • Perfectly supportive
  • Allows free air flow
  • Has removable innersoles
  • Not durable enough

#7 Conclusion

So there you have a list 10 best walking shoes for flat feet. All you need to do now is to make your choice. I advise that you be keen on the considerations I listed earlier in the article when choosing. Make sure that your needs are well catered for. Do not pick a shoe that will not meet your needs. Evaluate the alternatives and make sure you get the best that fits into your requirements.

Nonetheless, for our men friends, I will recommend that consider the New Balance MW877 Walking Shoe. It’s an excellent shoe brand for every flat feet victim. It’s well supportive and stable to provide optimum motion control. It has a well-cushioned innersole that creates a comfy inner environment for the feet when you are walking/running. For our beautiful ladies, Easy Spirit Women’s Punter Athletic Shoe Could be the most appropriate choice you can ever make. They are affordable, supportive and comfortable for a day-long walking/Standing.

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