5 Best Rotating Christmas Tree Stands to Buy in 2019


Best Rotating Christmas Tree Stands

The Christmas holiday season is approaching and many people are thinking about the Christmas beautification. Most of you prefer having a Christmas tree but they are not sure about which Christmas Tree Stands they should choose. In this article, we are going to give you a guide that will assist you to make up your mind. Christmas Tree Stands will assist to secure and align your Christmas tree with an ease. Let’s go directly to our Top 5 Best Rotating Christmas Tree Stands but before that, let’s look at buyers guide.

#1 Things to Consider before Purchasing the Best Rotating Christmas Tree Stands

#1 Stability

One of important consideration that you need to look when choosing the ideal Christmas tree stand is the steadiness. Make sure that the model that you choose has a sturdy and wide base in order to support your Christmas tree firmly avoiding it from toppling.

#2 Size of the Tree

The nest factor you need to consider is the size of your Christmas tree that you have. Look at the height of the tree and also the diameter of the trunk. If you have a long tree it is advisable to look for a stand that has a wide base for it to be more stable. By doing this, you will find that it will fit your requirements.

#3 Ease of Use

In this case, you should look at things such as the time it will take to set up the tree. Ensure that the tree stand has a great mechanism that enables you to install and remove the tree easily. Also, the adjusting should contain handles that will allow you to tighten the screw with an ease.

#4 Color and Style

Some tree stands contain a rotating mechanism that will enable the tree to rotate. Some are made such that they are firmly secured and there is no rotation. This will depend on your preference and budget. This is the same thing as the color. You will find Christmas tree stands that have different colors and designs. This will enable you to choose a model that you feel it is the best.

#5 Price

If the price is a crucial factor to you, look for the one that has an average price and the one that you can afford. There can be a stand that can perfectly fit your requirements but may be costly. The stands that are loaded with features are always costly.

#2 Best Rotating Christmas Tree Stands Reviews 2019

#5 Tree Stands- Rotating TSR1 Christmas tree Stand

Rotating Christmas Tree Stand TSR1

If you are planning or currently having a Christmas tree, it is advisable to have a rotating tree stand in order to make the room beautiful and elegant look, with the tree stands- rotating tree stand, it is made to fit trees that have a diameter of  1.25 inch at the base. It likewise rotates at an angle of 360 degrees making the Christmas tree visible by your guests and family.

This rotating tree stand can hold Christmas tree that weighs up to 75lb and on top of that, it is furnished with an electrical plug-in outlet that can be used to power up to 900 miniature Christmas Lights. Nevertheless, it is made with on and off switch is used to control the Christmas tree lights and rotation. It likewise made of heavy-duty polyvinyl that is strong and has a wide base to make the stand stable all the time.

Setting up the Christmas tree on this stand is very simple and does not involve a lot of processes, the tree comes in 5 pieces and it comes with stress-free assembly instructions furthermore, you do not require any tools to assemble it. Get one today and enjoy your Christmas holiday.

#1 Features

  • Hold up to a 75lb
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Has 24-inch diameter leg base
  • Plug in cord for tree lights
  • Has On/Off switch to control the Christmas tree

#2 Pros

  • Has a strong and wide base
  • Easy assembly instructions
  • Made of heavy-duty flexible polyvinyl.

#4 Kensington Row Christmas Collection – Electric Rotating Christmas Tree Stands

Kensington Row Electric Rotating Christmas Tree Stands

This Christmas tree stand ensures that your colorful Christmas tree if firmly secured and well aligned. It has a simple design that enables you to install your Christmas tree within a very few minutes and show all your beautiful Christmas decorations in all direction. As a result, it fully rotates at 360 degrees within 70 seconds. It features a height of up to 7.5’H  that can support 3/4″ or 1.25″ pole making it ideal for home or office use.

It also features an On and Off switch that is located on the bottom side of this tree stand that has 2 functions. You can set to rotate the tree with lights turned on. Also, you can set such that you can turn the lights on but there is no rotation.

This tree stand is made of sturdy plastic construction that enables your tree remains secured all the time. Nevertheless, it has a wide base that ensures more stability and also simplicity in adjustment. It measures approximately 24 inches x 24 inches and comes with an affordable quoted price.

#1 Features

  • Full 360-degree revolution
  • 6.5′ green power cord
  • Wide and strong base
  • On/off switch at the base
  • Measures 24 inches x 24 inches

#2 Pros

  • Rotation mechanism
  • Permits connection of string lights
  • Variety of modes
  • Wide and heavy base

#3 Vickerman 24-Inch Electric Rotating Green Tree Stand

Vickerman 24-Inch Electric Rotating Green Tree Stand

Vickerman brings this inventive technology to ensure that your family and your loved ones enjoy fully during Christmas. This 24-Inch Tree Stand has a premium construction that has makes your Christmas a memorable one. Moreover, it has an adjustable design that will help to accommodate any size of Christmas tree.

Your guests and family members will love the rotating tree because this tree stand usually rotates at 360 degrees creating a favorable environment. In addition to that, this tree stand can support trees that have a maximum of 7 1/2-feet and a maximum of 1500 lights.

The tree stand features a wide base that will support the Christmas tree firmly and it is furnished with On/Off switch on the base enabling lights on with without rotation or rotation with lights. In addition to that, it can hold up to 80lb capacity and rotates full 360 degrees in 70 seconds. It has an overall dimension of 8 inches H x 26 inches W x 26 inches D and comes with a one year warranty.

#1 Features

  • Rotates 350 degrees
  • Holds a maximum of 80lb capacity
  • 1-year warranty
  • Suitable for artificial trees
  • For use with standard 0.75″ or 1.25″ pole

#2 Pros

  • Adjustable diameter
  • Great stability
  • Classic designs

#2 CMI Heavy Duty Rotating Christmas Tree Stand

CMI Heavy Duty Rotating Christmas Tree Stand

Keep your Christmas celebrations booming by buying this Christmas tree stand. It has a gold finish that makes it appear elegant and beautiful. Moreover, it can support artificial trees that are 9 feet tall and has poles that are 1.25 inch in diameter; it is made of strong a metal material that makes it strong and sturdy serving you for a long time.

This Tree Stand can hold up to 120 lbs. of weight (decorations, lights, and tree). Most importantly, it is designed to have great features that will make your tree to be stable and portable. The foot tapper has On/off switch that will help to turn the rotation and lights on. As a matter of facts, it uses only 960 watts at 120 volts hence it will save you much on electricity bills

It only weighs 16 lbs. making it portable and can be moved from one place to another with ease. It also measures 23.5×23.5×12 inches with two outlets that can hold a maximum of 1800 lights. With its beautiful base, it will add beautification in your Christmas decoration activity

#1 Features

  • Weigh only 16 lbs
  • Has an elegant look
  • Measures 23.5×23.5×12
  • Holds artificial trees up to 9 feet tall
  • Light strings never tangle
  • Full 360-degree rotation
  • Maximum total weight 54kg

#2 Pros

  • Moderate weight
  • Great reservoir capacity
  • Beautiful base
  • Rustproof

#1 COFFEESAMPLERS-Winter Wonder Artificial Trees Rotating Tree Stand

Winter Wonder Artificial Trees Rotating Tree Stand

Winter Wonder tree stand will always make your Christmas tree secure and will also add styles to your home. It will support artificial trees that have 7.5 feet in height and a maximum weight of 80 lbs. on top of that, it will make the Christmas tree to rotate at 365 degrees continuously in a 3/4 circle per every minute.

This Christmas tree stand has thee simple steps that you can set depending on your preference, you can rotation with lights on, no rotation but the lights are on or rotation but no lights. In addition to that, it uses only 400 Watts thus does not consume a lot of power saving you much in electrical power bills.

The stand is UL Approved and it is safe to use, this is a great choice for individual searching for low-priced and long-lasting Christmas tree base. The Christmas tree base is not only reasonably priced but also originates with features that permit you to secure your Christmas tree firmly.

#1 Features

  • Rotate 365 degrees continuously
  • 3 two-prong outlets
  • 3 easy-to-operate settings
  • Ul approved

#2 Pros

  • Large capacity
  • Rigid item
  • Cheap price
  • Tool-free installation
  • Easy fill reservoir
  • Lockable blades

#3 Conclusion

You do not need to depend on trial and error in order to have the best rotating Christmas tree stands, all you need is the right guidance, knowledge, and information. In this article we have looked at top 5 Best Rotating Christmas Tree Stands in 2018, we have listed their key features and we are sure that they will help you in support you Christmas tree perfectly.


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