TOP 10 Best Room Divider Screens to Buy in 2019


Best Room Divider ScreensIf you share a house and you feel that you need privacy in there, consider having a room divider screen. Ideally, they will enhance your privacy as well as improving your house décor. Besides that, they are also portable and can be folded for storage whenever they are not in use. We have listed Top 10 Best Room Divider screens in 2019 below, so keep on reading.

#1 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Room Divider​​​​ Screens:

#1 Look at the Size of the Room Divider

The first thing you should look at is the size of the Room Divider; I know you don’t want to have a Room Divider that does not fit well in your workspace or bedroom. Keep an eye on the size of the Divider and select the one that will be suitable for your room to avoid any unnecessary embarrassments

#2 The Style of the Room Divider

Select a Room Divider that has a style and color that complement with your home or office décor. This is for the reason that you want something that will make your room to look elegant as well as beautiful.

#3 Ease of Use and Care

The decent Divider screen is one that can be moved around the room with an ease and can be cleaned easily. Look for the one that is portable and can be folded whenever it is not in usage.

#4 Portability and Storage

Whenever you are purchasing your room divider screen, it is always good to choose the one that is portable and can be folded for convenient storage, this will make you have an easy time whenever you are transporting the divider from one home to another, and also it will save you much space whenever you want to store them.

#2 Best Room Divider Screens Reviews 2019

#10  AVIGNON HOME Deluxe Woven Bamboo Room Divider/Screen 4 Panel

AVIGNON HOME Deluxe Room Divider Screen

Let your home have an elegant style and beautiful look with AVIGNON room divider, it is made of beige bamboo and includes two strong wooden boards that usually slip on the panels to make selves that helps you to store your items. Additionally, it has an average dimension of 19.75 inches W x 70.75 inches H x 0.75 inches D hence it will fit perfectly in your home.

You can change the shape depending on your preference and can be moved to block the part of your room. On top of that, it can be folded flat whenever it is not in use for storage.


  • Beautiful and portable
  • Two sturdy wooden boards
  • Measures 19.75 W x 70.75 H x 0.75 D
  • Changes the shape of your space
  • Folds for storage.

#9 SQUARE FURNIUTRE- Eight Panel Room Divider Black Screen

SQUARE FURNIUTRE Eight Panel Room Divider Black Screen

This is a great choice for you if you require a cool room panel that has a stylish design. It features a total of eight panels Screen that has a square design and comes in black color, each panel measures 138 in. length by 70 in. height. Nevertheless, it is made of Shoji Paper and Solid wood making it sturdy and strong.

This Room Divider can be folded in either way for storage. On the other hand, it will still draw great attention to your room and it will give you perfect separation. It will additionally give you a great way to hide the property that is private and you don’t want any other non-member of the house to see.


  • 8 Panel Screen Design
  • Measures 138 L x 70 in. H
  • Made of Solid wood and Shoji Paper
  • Each panel measures 17 inch L

#8 ORIENTAL FURNITURE 4 Panels Black Tall Double Cross Shoji Screen

ORIENTAL FURNITURE Double Cross Shoji Screen

With ORIENTAL FURNITURE Shoji Screen, it will add a beautiful touch to your room giving it elegant design and also adding value to your house. Most people value it because of its lightweight design and beauty. For that reason, Japan has used it for many years to divide the space and also to give privacy while not blocking the light.

It has a color that will always complement any house interior décor providing a perfect way to make a partition for your room. Besides that, the panels measure 35.75 inches height by 17.5 inches width and have four panels.


  • Each panel measures 35.75 inches H by 17.5 inches W
  • Beautiful and lightweight design
  • Elegantly complements any interior décor
  • provide privacy without hindering off light

#7 Lchen Hanging 12pieces Room Divider with Butterfly Flowers

Lchen Hanging 12pieces Room Divider with Butterfly Flowers

If you require a divider that will meet your needs for a long time, then get yourself the Lchen Hanging Room Divider, it features a carving pattern for example flowers, butterfly and bird that will make your sitting room beautiful all the time. On top of that, it is made with a safety PVC that is non-toxic and looks more gorgeous making it perfect for DIY home decorating.

Nevertheless, it is easy to install and maintain and you are only required to follow the instruction provided and attach the panels one by one. As a matter of fact, you can use it to decorate your hotel, bar, school, bedroom and sitting room.


  • Made of safety PVC materials
  • Easy to maintain
  • Include simple and fashion carving pattern
  • Easy to install

#6 Kernorv DIY Room Divider 12 PCS Partitions Panels

Kernorv DIY Room Divider 12 PCS Partitions Panels

The simple and stylish way to separate your room is by use of Kernorv DIY Partitions Panels, it comes in a park of 12 pieces and you can set combinations of different ways. On top of that, it is created with PVC quality materials that are safe and you will enjoy using it for all years. It will also make your house more elegant and vitality.

You can use it to decorate and separate rooms like a hotel, dining room, and school. As a matter of fact, the dimensions of these Panels are 15.7 inches L x 15.7 inches W x 0.03 inches H per piece. It will protect your privacy.


  • Modern and Simple
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to Install
  • Measures 15.7″L x 15.7″W x 0.03″H per piece

#5 Roundhill RD043WH 4 Panel Bamboo Print Room Screen, White

Roundhill RD043WH 4 Panel Bamboo Print Room Screen White

The Roundhill RD043WH is a strong and beautiful Room Divider that is made of Strong fiber that is reinforced with White pulp Rice paper allowing light to pass through at the same time providing privacy. If also features a Black bamboo print that will and elegance to your room and measures (18 inches W x 4 panels) x 71 inches H.

It is both cheap and lightweight and can be transferred easily from one room to the other. On top of that, it can be folded for easy storage. It is created with 4 panels which can effortlessly be folded in the 2-way hinge to permit flexibility stand position.


  • Sturdy mortise for strength
  • Made of strong fiber-reinforced White Rice paper
  • Have Black bamboo prints
  • Less costly
  • Foldable

#4 Giantex Room Divider Four Panel Screens Steel Frame, White

Giantex Room Divider Four Panel Screens Steel Frame

Do you want to create a private space in your Office, Home or any other place, the Giantex Room Divider will do that for you because it is constructed of High-Quality Polyester Fabrics and Iron Tubes that makes it more strong and durable. Nevertheless, it features a low profile black color that will match perfectly with any furniture in the room.

In addition to that, it is made to decorate your room as well as providing private space in your house hence it is multifunctional. Do not hesitate and wait, purchase one and you will love it.


  • Giantex Four panel folding room divider
  • Portable and lightweigh
  • Made of solid steel frame
  • Easy to assemble

#3 RHF 6 ft. Tall-Extra 6 Panel Wide-Diamond Room Divider

RHF 6 Panel Wide Diamond Room Divider

Let your home be in style and look magnificent with this room divider. It comprises 6 Panel that is extra-large and measures Six ft. tall x 19.5″ wide, on top of that, it will decorate your room as well as providing you a space for privacy. It has a natural design with an attractive bentwood arched top.

The Room Divider can be simply being folded if not in use for storage. Consequently, it has great framing from top to bottom. Take your home to the next level with this inviting and memorable panel screen


  • Extra-large, 6 ft. tall by 19.5″ wide
  • woven frame folding panels
  • Easy to fold in either direction
  • Perfect for dividing rooms
  • Professional Handmade

#2 Legacy Decor Plum Blossom 4-Panel Screen Room Divider

Legacy Decor Plum Blossom 4 Panel Screen Room Divider

With Legacy Décor Room Divider you will have your house experience traditional Asian style all the time giving it a beautiful look. It is constructed with from translucent paper and wooden flames and on top of that, it has a foldable design to make it easy storage when not in use. It will enable the light to get into the house while providing personal privacy.

Whenever you want to separate your home or office, these Room Divider screens are versatile and can be used in any place; additionally, it is made to complement any furniture in your home. It also has a double action hinge that will make it simple to fold; it does not require any assembly.


  • Folds flat for easy storage.
  • Measures 71 inches H X 70 inches wide
  • The frame is made of strong wood
  • Traditional Asian style

#1 Coaster Home Furnishings Privacy Screen Oriental Shoji 4 Room Divider

Coaster Home Furnishings Privacy Screen Oriental Shoji 4 Room Divider

Partition off a portion of your room with this Coaster Home Room Divider, it features four panels that are tall enough and are fixed with hinges that make it easy to fold this Room Divider for storage. It will create a squared space that you can use for personal privacy issues. The overall dimension of this Room Divider is 69.5 inches W x 0.75 inches D x 70.2 inches H.

It features a remarkable design that can be combined into numerous interior arrangements. The frame is over white fabric that creates a nice contrast in color and texture; it also does not require any assembly


  • Includes one room divider
  • Has a black finish
  • Made of pine material
  • Assembly required
  • Measures 69.5 inches w x 0.75 inches dx 70.25inches h

#4 Conclusion

The above lists of room dividers are great and also reasonably priced. They will serve diverse purposes and they are stable. Consider purchasing a room divider instead of building up a wall. It will save you a lot of cash and it will solve your division problems. Just relax and choose one of the room dividers screens listed above.


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