TOP 10 Best Outdoor LED Motion Sensor Light to Buy in 2019


Best Outdoor LED Motion Sensor Light Reviews

TOP 10 Best Outdoor LED Motion Sensor Light to Buy in 2019 : The best outdoor LED motion sensor light has a motion sensor that is reasonably sensitive and works great. Well, a motion sensor that is reasonably sensitive is one that will not make the light turn on with unwanted movements like a simple swaying of the leaves. Instead, it picks movements accurately. A premium outdoor LED motion sensor light is also bright enough to illuminate the entire backyard and make it easy for your dog to walk around at night. In addition, it is waterproof, so it can stand up to any hostile weather conditions. We have compiled a list of the best quality outdoor LED lights with motion sensors to make your buying experience a piece of cake. Check them out.

Even with the above reviews, you still need the following factors.

  • Motion Detection Range – If you want to enjoy using your outdoor LED motion sensor light, consider a unit with a long motion detection range. Such a unit will sense motions that are far away and alert you early enough.
  • Light Activation Period – A light activation period that is too short will not let you visualize what’s really going on. Consequently, an incredibly long light activation period is likely to drain batteries quickly if the outdoor LED light is battery operated or consume lots of energy if the fixture is powered by electricity. With all that in mind, go for a light with a reasonable light activation period.
  • Brightness – You are buying an outdoor LED motion sensor light because you want to keep your backyard well lit at night. For this reason, be sure to spend your money on ultra-bright models. Well, ultra-bright models illuminate large areas and create the “daylight effect” in the middle of the night.

#2 Best Outdoor LED Motion Sensor Light Reviews 2019

#1 Mr. Beams MB363 Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell

Mr Beams MB363 Wireless LED Spotlight

Most customers go for this outdoor LED motion sensor light for home safety and security because it performs when needed. The light comes in several sizes, including 1-pack, 2-pack, 3-pack, 4-pack, and 5-pack. It is extremely bright and consumes less power than others because it is LED. Moreover, it has a motion sensor that automatically turns it on when motion is detected and off when motion stops. It also has a photocell, which automatically turns it on at dusk and off at dawn. It offers 350 sq. ft. coverage, meaning it can work well in many backyards. What’s more, this light is battery operated to ensure ultimate reliability. Plus it comes in two colors (dark brown and white) to choose from.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Customer service handles issues in a timely manner
  • The brightness of the light is amazing
  • The batteries appear to last a little over one year
  • Water gets inside the light when it rains

#2 Mr. Beams MB520 Motion Sensing LED

Mr. Beams MB520 Motion Sensing LED

The price of this outdoor LED motion sensor is unbeatable. Moreover, the light is built with versatility in mind in the sense that it can be used as step, path, or stair lights. It is battery operated, and this eliminates the need to have several wires attached all over. It has a built-in light sensor, which, in turn, features an auto shut-off function of 20 or 60 seconds to help increase the battery life. Besides, this light offers coverage of over 120 sq. ft. And this makes it perfect for bathrooms, closets, hallways, bedrooms, steps, and more. The light also has a motion detection range up to 12 feet away. Plus it is equipped with optics, which provide balanced LED light where it is needed.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Removes easy enough to allow for hassle-free changing of batteries
  • Provides the right amount of light
  • The gasket inside the back cover makes it weatherproof
  • Does not last long in the rain

#3 Heath Zenith HZ-5411-WH Motion Sensor Security Light

Heath Zenith HZ-5411-WH Motion Sensor Security Light

Heath Zenith is a big brand. That’s why we recommend for you their motion sensor security light. It has an adjustable detection sensitivity that boasts a detection range up to 70 ft. It also features a photocell that keeps it off during the day, thereby, making sure that the battery life is conserved. Additionally, the motion sensor security light comes with a 2-year limited warranty to protect against defects and poor workmanship. It is Energy certified and can be wall- or eave-mounted, depending on your needs. Its metal/plastic construction seems tough enough to withstand the harshness of the outdoor environment. Having said that, expect this light to last longer. It has a selectable light timer that will let you choose Test, 1 Minute, 5 Minutes or 20 Minutes.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Great value for the price
  • The plastic used is not flimsy; hence, won’t crack after a short time
  • Easy to install and works well
  • Not as durable as expected

#4 Mr. Beams MB302 LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell

Mr. Beams MB302 LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell

The features of this fixture are highly functional and that’s what makes it one of the best on the market. For instance, the motion detection range of this mini spotlight is up to 30ft. away, and this makes it reliable. The spotlight also boasts an adorable activation period that lasts up to 30 seconds. It is an extremely bright LED, which produces 80 lumens, making it capable of illuminating up to 350 square feet. Best of all, it does not consume lots of energy. The light also has a weatherproof design that helps make it very durable. It uses 3 C-cell batteries, meaning all you need is a simple wireless installation that only requires minutes to be completed.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Not overly sensitive to motion
  • Illuminates the back or front yard well
  • The quality seems to be very good
  • The small size makes it fit almost anywhere
  • Drains batteries quickly

#5 Mr. Beams MB360XT Motion-Sensor-Activated LED Spotlight

Mr. Beams MB360XT Motion-Sensor-Activated LED Spotlight

Unlike many outdoor LED motion sensor lights, the Mr. Beams MB360XT seems to conserve battery life. That being said, it uses a set of batteries up to 1 year with average use of 8 – 10 activations per day. Apart from that, the spotlight produces 200 lumens of a bright outdoor security light, making it great for garages, trees, porches, decks, fences, and sheds, among others. Another feature that certainly makes this spotlight versatile is the bold, durable, weatherproof design that allows you to install it anywhere. Talking of installation; the spotlight is wireless and battery-operated; hence, it is insanely easy to set up. To be precise, installation requires just 5 minutes and zero help from an electrician.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Batteries drain slowly because the lights don’t stay on for long once there is no motion
  • Works great for what it is designed to do
  • Super easy to install
  • Available in 1-pack, 2-pack, and 4-pack
  • Some customers find the light activation period very short

#6 LEPOWER 3000LM LED Security Light

LEPOWER 3000LM LED Security Light

LEPOWER provides a 1-year warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee to make sure you have the best experience buying and using this outdoor LED motion sensor light. It is a durable unit that will last up to 50,000 hours, meaning it is super reliable. As if that’s not enough, this LED security light boasts ETL certification for exceptional quality standards. Its waterproof rating is IP65, making it strong enough to not give in rain, snow or sleet weather. Because of its build quality, this security light can be installed anywhere such as a workshop, entryway, stairs, yard, and more. It has two amazingly bright LED light heads that help illuminate a wide area. What’s more, the heads are easy to adjust, so you can channel light where it is needed.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • The motion detector can be adjusted
  • Uses just 28 watts
  • Great value for the money
  • Brighter than most fixtures at the same price point
  • Installation hardware has issues

#7 Mr. Beams MBN354 LED Motion Sensing Spotlight System

Mr. Beams MBN354 LED Motion Sensing Spotlight System

Despite having a higher price tag than most outdoor LED motion sensor lights, the Mr. Beam MBN354 is on demand. This is because it has everything consumers need. For instance, it produces a powerful 200-lumen beam that will illuminate your yard nicely. Although it is one of the brightest outdoor lights on the market, the Mr. Beams uses just three D-cell batteries (not included). Moreover, it drains batteries slowly for ultimate reliability. The light comes in many different sizes and has 4 channels to allow different lighting zones around the house. It is simple to install and works perfectly regardless of where it has been set up. It not only illuminates but also detects motion.

  • Light can be focused where needed
  • The housing is durable
  • The set up is a cakewalk
  • Mr. Beams is easy to deal with when you have an issue
  • Not as bright as the wired brands

#8 SANSI 36W LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights – Upgraded

ANSI 36W LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

SANSI provides you with exactly what you are looking for; the SANSI 36W Outdoor LED Motion Sensor Light. It is a super bright unit that produces up to 3600 lumens yet uses just 36 watts. As such, it makes a wonderful replacement for 250-watt incandescent bulbs. It will provide your home with efficient lighting, making sure that you are a happy buyer at the end of the day. Its sensing angle and coverage can be up to 180 degrees and max 50 feet. Furthermore, the light is easy to mount, with the manufacturer recommending 3.2 – 13.1 ft mounting heights. It is ETL listed and comes equipped with LED lens technology for excellent dissipation of heat.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Comes well packaged and with clear instructions
  • Very bright and the price is good
  • The concept and design are well executed
  • The motion sensor works as expected
  • The durability of the plastic housing is questionable

#9 Amico 39W 3 Head LED Security-Lights Motion Outdoor

Amico 39W 3 Head LED Security-Lights Motion Outdoor

This outdoor LED motion sensor light is one of the best due to the fact that it will save up to 88-percent of your electricity bill. It uses just 39 watts yet produces up to 3500 lumens. Plus it boasts 6000K brightness, which is, basically, day light white. Well, all those specifications make it a great equivalent to a 200-watt halogen light. Furthermore, this unit is ETL certified to give you peace of mind knowing that it has passed the strictest tests for quality and safety. It turns on automatically when motion is sensed with 180-degree swiveling angle. By so doing, it senses light levels and motion up to 49 feet.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Ultra bright and easy to install
  • The 3-head design is innovative
  • The sensor is accurate and immediate
  • The timing options are huge bonuses
  • The light can be adjusted to get the desired coverage
  • The run time could be a little longer

#10 GLORIOUS-LITE 39W LED Security Light

GLORIOUS-LITE 39W LED Security Light

Rain, sleet or snow weather will be the least of your concern if you have this outdoor LED motion sensor light. The unit has a waterproof rating of IP65 that enables it to withstand harsh weather. Needless to say, it is great for entryways, warehouses, back/front yard, stairs, workshops, and pathways. It is covered by a 1-year warranty as well as a 60-day money-back guarantee. In addition, the light is ETL certified for exceptional quality standards. It has three ultra-bright LED light heads that are made of die-casting aluminum materials, so they can dissipate heat effectively for long-lasting performance. With this fixture, you will save up to 80-percent of your electricity bill without compromising on the brightness.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • The price is affordable
  • Very bright and installs easily
  • The customer service department always want customers to be satisfied
  • Makes it easy for dogs to walk around the yard at night
  • The time on setting is up to 2 minutes; it would be nice if it were up to 10 minutes

#3 Conclusion

An outdoor LED motion sensor light will keep your home bright and secure at night. The lights use motion sensor technology to sense movements and turn on automatically. If you had a problem finding one that’s suitable for your needs, we hope everything is now okay. Stay put because we’ll be back with another interesting article.


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