TOP 10 Best Manual Food Choppers to Buy in 2019


Best Manual Food Choppers Reviews

Any gadget that will reduce cooking preparation time in the kitchen is definitively a bonus. Some people do not have the time or luxury to chop food items. Especially, people who work in commercial places like restaurants. That’s where a manual food processor comes in handy. You can use it anywhere at anytime because it does not need to be powered by electricity. Also, this item saves you a lot of cooking time when preparing lots of slices and well-cut chunks. We have come up with the top manual food chopper currently in the industry. Read through to see some of the exceptional features each one of them boasts of.

#1 Best Manual Food Choppers Reviews 2019

#12 Hokia Manual Food Chopper

Hokia Manual Food Chopper

With the above food chopper you have total leverage on your chopping skills. The 5 different high quality blades give you more fast cutting and slicing unlike the use of hands. Also, they are made from stainless steel which offers zero dullness and rust. Furthermore, no more pressing hard when cutting different vegetables. The blades are sharp and slice perfect cuts within seconds.

Moreover, this item has a multipurpose functionality. You can choose to cut potatoes, carrots, onions and other veggies easily. Forget about the use of an electric push button. The easy to pull string/cord is easy to use and improves the fineness of the cuts.

#11 Pull String Chopper Manual Food Processor For Fruits Onions Garlic Peppers And Nuts

Pull String Chopper Manual Food Processor

If you often get “touched to tears” effect when cutting onions, this chopper is the solution. The 3 durable blades slice each vegetable or fruits effortlessly. Also, this item boasts of a long-lasting design. With a strong bowl. This bowl can handle the pressure when pressing with your hand. In addition, the above accessory is lightweight and weighs only 10.4 ounces. You can comfortably carry it when moving around and also gives you easy cleanup. Besides,

It is manual and great for places without electricity like camping trips and outdoor adventures. To add on, it has a sleek finish that can be a good gift to a loved one. Also, this food processor uses safe ABS with BPA free material which offers maximum health measures.

#10 OXO Good Grips One Stop Chop Manual Food Processor

OXO Good Grips Manual Food Processor,
Locking tabs helps to keep lid on during one-handed turning. You get to have a more stable and safe processing. Also, this item has a simple to use removable handle. With just a simple turn, fruits and vegetables get perfect cuts. Furthermore, this accessory prides on having a suction cup that securely stabilizes the unit while in operation.Besides, this unit is dishwasher safe to saves you lots of cleaning time.

Also, you get a worry-free and a hands-free cleaning experience. Furthermore, the above food chopper saves a lot of cooking time due to the 3 sharp stainless steel blades. No longer will you have a messy work table during processing because of the roomy 4-cup capacity bowl to accommodate the contents.

#9 Sedhoom Manual Food Chopper

Sedhoom Manual Food Chopper

If you love using least possible blending time, then this item has 5 sharp blades that cut into foods easily. Also, this accessory features a blade holder that gives you easier storage and cleaning. Besides, with the above product, it comes with a strong lid which locks into place during use. This helps to avoid a messy dirty work table during blending. Moreover, this item is inclusive of a manual that offers clear user directions.

Furthermore, the 1000ml capacity can hold quite large food content that is ideal during outdoor events. In addition, this food blender boasts of BPA free materials which promotes safe health measures. Additionally, this item comes with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money back to give peace of mind during use.

#8 Ultra Chef Express Food Chopper

Ultra Chef Express Food Chopper

Most food choppers have just a few slicing options. With this processor, you get 7 chopping options including juicing, shredding, blending, mixing plus more. Also, this product, has an easy to pull cord which offers you an effortless action. Even two pulls will offer you good even cuts. Another feature is the dishwasher safe. Your can easily wash the lid, bowl and blades which can be disassembled.

Moreover, a multi-user operation for you to either chop, blend or mince your fruits and vegetables within seconds. Furthermore, the spin mechanism offers three operations. For large chunks, spin a few times, for small contents, spin more and for a puree, keep spinning for a while. Also, this item has a sturdy transparent storage bowl which allows you to see the occurrence during use. In addition, this accessory comes with a sealed chamber that efficiently seal unpleasant smells. The above unit comes with a limited lifetime warranty for added user-experience.

#7 Vinipiak Manual Food Chopper For Vegetable Fruits Nuts Onions Chopper

Vinipiak Manual Food Chopper

Vinipiak has come up with this food processor that has a compact design which uses minimum storage space. Also, this item has an advanced slicing mechanism with sharp blades to give you perfectly cut chops. Moreover, with this unit it is made with strong stainless steel that offer long-lasting service even after frequent use. Besides, it features an anti-skid base that offers more stability during use.

Furthermore, this accessory features a strong lid with 3 opening to offer a safe and easy cleaning. Also, with the above unit, it weighs approximately 7 ounces which gives you easy portability. Also, its lightweight features allow you to clean and store it with maximum safety. For a limited spaced area like an RV, this food processor is ideal for saving space. With the 2-cup capacity, you only use little space but get amazing processing results.

#6 Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Food Chopper

Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Food Chopper

The plunger is made with a soft top to give you a comfortable operation. Also, this accessory has a clear construction to let you see what is going on inside the processor during use. Besides, this unit easily disassembles to allow easy cleaning processor with a dishwasher safe feature. Moreover, the multipurpose functionality allows you to chop vegetables, nuts, cooked meat and also fruits within seconds.

If you dread cutting onions because of tearing, then the sharp stainless steel blades cut through onions quickly and efficiently.Additionally, the above item boasts of a flexible cap that you can use as a cover. Also, the cap can act as a chopping board for small food items like fruits and berries. Furthermore, the sleek design looks good and blends well with most of your kitchen decor.

#5 Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper

Chef’n Hand Powered Food Chopper

Chef’n food slicer boasts on having a beautiful green blade holder that securely holds the blades into place. Also, the green color on the lid gives an extra beautiful effect to the entire unit’s appearance. Moreover, this accessory is multi-purpose for blending fruits, boneless meat, nuts, herbs, vegetables and even ice. With an intuitive handle which is soft on the hands and easy to use, you can turn it for perfect processing. No need for an electric power source for you to have an enjoyable processing. This product is manual and is ideal for an outdoor camping. Furthermore, with the above unit, it comes with a strong storage lid that perfectly holds in the food contents to prevent any spills during use.

Additionally, it comes with an easy to operate pull up cord to help rotate the sharp blades for even cuts. Also, this item features a sealing storage lid to lock in your ingredients safely. With the above merchandise, you no longer have to worry about the cleaning process. The dishwasher safe feature guarantees the parts are clean and safe during the whole cleaning cycle. Besides, this product weighs only 1.76 ounces for you to easily lift, carry, use and store without using much effort. Also, it has a clear construction that lets you monitor the blending action.

#4 Gourmia GSC9285 Pull String Manual Food Processor

Gourmia GSC9285 Swift Chopper Pull String Manual Food Processor

Gourmia food chopper is among the top units that has an easy to use handle. The handle with a pull string give you full control on the blades spinning. Also, this item uses no batteries or electric power for you to have a blending operation anywhere at anytime. Besides, this accessory is made from BPA-free durable plastic parts that are safe to use and on your health.

Furthermore, the unit above has 2 detachable blades that are sharp enough to mince, grind and even chop easily. This saves you tons of cooking time as compared to using a knife. Moreover, this merchandise’s compact size gives you a more easy use, carry and cleaning. Remember, the size uses minimum storage space which is ideal for an RV owner and limited spacing. Additionally, the dual-purpose blades ideal for either chopping or blending.

#3 Brieftons Manual Food Chopper

Brieftons Manual Food Chopper

Brieftons are known for their exceptional products like the above food processor. This item has a quick pull mechanism that gives you an effortless slicing in a quick way. Also, this product is versatile to let you slice vegetables, chop soft meat, salsa, nuts, pesto plus more. Besides, the above accessory has a 3-cup capacity that is ideal to accommodate a considerable amount of food items.

Moreover, with this unit, it features strong sharp stainless steel blades that are rust-proof and work efficiently. Furthermore, this food chopper is made from BPA-free plastic that is eco-friendly and safe on your health. The above unit comes with 3 Brieftons recipe e-books that you can download for some amazing ideas.In addition, the compact size is great for travels, RVs, dorms and studio apartments.

#2 ZYLISS Easy Pull Food Chopper And Manual Food Processor

ZYLISS Easy Pull Food Chopper And Manual Food Processor

With this item, it offers maximum convenience for you to prepare food more quick. The versatile action allows you to blend, chop and also prepare sauces. Also, this product features a 12-ounce bowl that comfortably accommodate veggies and smoothies. Besides, this commodity features a pull string that is easy and enjoyable to operate. Furthermore, this accessory boasts of having an anti-skid base that offers more stability during use.

Moreover, the unit above has an ergonomic handle to provide easy leverage and total blending control. Another feature is that it can be great as an onion chopper to relieve you from tears during hand slicing. Also, it can act as a great gift for all occasions to give to chefs, mothers, friends and even loved ones. Additionally, the accessory above comes with2 acid-etched blades that turn in opposite directions to finely cut ingredients.

#1 Kuhn Rikon 27401 Swiss Pull Chop, 4-Inch, Green

Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chop

Non-slip base offers maximum stability to the unit during use. Also, this item has a wash lid with a pull technology to give you control when blending. Besides. This accessory has 3 chops levels: Coarse, medium and fine for added user-experience. Furthermore, with the above merchandise you choose which number of pulls you want. The pull string allows you to pull up to 15 times for more fineness.

Moreover, this processor boasts of stainless steel blades that cut through food items more quickly. You can blend or puree veggies, nuts, fruits plus other small items. In addition, Kuhn Rikon food chopper has a stylish modern design. You can place it in any room to add extra edginess to your interior beauty. Also, this item is lightweight for easier portability, cleaning and storage.

#2 Conclusion

You can reduce the time by more than half that you use to prepare food. The many gadgets widely accessible give you more convenience and safety measures. The above list has the top best manual food choppers with exceptional features. For instance, stainless steel blades that are rust-free and offer fast chopping process. Also, a strong holding bowl that accommodates all the contents you have plus more features.


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