TOP 10 Best IP Security Camera Systems to Buy in 2019


Best IP Security Camera System Reviews

TOP 10 Best IP Security Camera Systems to Buy in 2019 : Security cameras are helpful deterrents that are utilized to check unlawful activities and they are mostly used for indoor and outdoor surveillance. The cameras will provide essential clues and evidence to the police tracking and identifying individuals involved In the unlawful activities. If you are searching for the best IP Security Camera Systems, we have listed for you the Top 10 Best IP Security Camera Systems.

#1 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Best IP Security Camera Systems

#1 Picture Quality (Resolution)

Having a camera that produces higher resolution means that you will have better quality pictures, look for the one that produces more than 720p HD as you will be able to zoom further to know much more details such as license plate numbers and facial features.

#2 Field of View

The field of view is how wide of an angle that the camera will see whenever it is not moving. Each camera comes with degree tech specs. For instance, you can get a camera that has 130-degree wide-angle FOV. The one that has wider FOV is ideal as you will get a wide view of what is happening.

#3 Motion Detection

Motion detection usually does 2 essential things; it will trigger the camera whenever it detects any motion and will also send a notification showing you there is something that is happening within the view of the camera, notification is beneficial with and indoor cameras and doorbell cameras.

#4 Night Vision

Camera with ideal night vision range will have the capacity to uncover a lot of activity even during the night, search for a camera that has longer night vision more than 30 feet indoors and the one that has many LED and infrared sensors. This makes it have clear video footage in low-light.

#2 Best IP Security Camera Systems Reviews 2019

#10 POE Security 2TB HDD Camera System Surveillance System

POE 2TB HDD Camera Surveillance System

This security camera system is better in terms of the extensive array of HD night vision and storage capacity. With its advanced motion detection, you will get instant notifications and email alerts whenever the camera detects any moving objects. Besides that, a single network cabling will reduce complex wiring transmission and you can live stream the videos using the free POE App directly in your phone. We also have a reviews on Best PoE Camera Security System.

Other than that, the camera has a brilliant long night vision up to 100ft with a viewing angle of 105 degrees. Poe security surveillance system is ideal for office, store, home, etc.

#9 ONWOTE Audio 5MP PoE 8CH H.265 Security Camera System

ONWOTE Audio 5MP Security Camera System

Are you looking for a super quality Camera System that will offer sharper and clarity details? Then, ONWOTE Audio Camera System is there for you; this camera comes with a Built-in microphone that can get the audio 15ft away during the night. In essence, you will receive motion alerts whenever the motion is detected right at your computer or smartphone remotely though free App.

Ideally, this Camera System has a Pre-installed 3TB hard drive that will provide the whole event and has an option to expand the storage. Similarly, each IP camera offers both video and power transmission and this will allow you to position this camera anywhere.

#8 A-ZONE- Security 1080p 8 Channel PoE Camera System

A-ZONE Security 1080p Camera System

The A-ZONE is fully weatherproofed for utilization both outdoors and indoors. This camera comes with motion alerts that will notify you directly in your smartphones. Moreover, setting up this camera is very simple as it is a plug and play built-in Poe featuring a Cat 5e/6e network cable that usually connects every camera to the NVR.

In short, the camera offers a super quality picture with super HD resolution and you can watch the videos everywhere you go at any time on your phone or through the web. For that reason, this camera has a night vision and can be able to see up to 100 feet in darkness.

#7 GW 8 Channel 1920P 1080p Video NVR Real-time Security Camera System

GW 8 Channel 1080p Security Camera System

The GW 8 Channel Camera System has a flexible design and integrates into the larger ecosystem for it to monitor video footage, the camera is made with a 2.8~12mm Zoom Varifocal Lens that will enable you to adjust the viewing angle and will view up to 180ft even during the night. With its Pre-installed 3TB, Hard Drive will be able to store 4K videos that you can watch them live on the free app provided.

Other than that, the camera is simple to use a single Ethernet cable that transmits both power and videos. Also comes with one Year Warranty.

#6 LaView 8 Channel Full 1080P Weatherproof Home Security Camera

LaView 1080P Weatherproof Home Security Camera

The LaView 8 Home Camera wins best night vision camera as comes with enhanced IR night vision that makes it capture images in low-light and dark environments. This makes it perfect to use for securing your property, home security as well as business security. Thereupon, the camera is able to see through dark places up to a maximum of 100 feet making it ideal for both outdoor and indoor uses.

With its IP67 weatherproof rating, the camera will be fully protected from liquids and small particles and this makes it ideal for all-weather usage. In other words, the camera will offer you HD security coverage irrespective of the weather.

If You also require more security systems for Your Home, Security Bars for Doors is also considered system for You.

#5 Reolink 4MP 16CH PoE 8 x Wired Outdoor Video Surveillance System

Reolink 4MP Wired Outdoor Video Surveillance System

The Reolink 4MP is one of the sharpest house security cameras that I have ever seen. Setting up this Surveillance System is very simple and can run up to 330ft using CAT6 Ethernet cable and 270ft when using CAT5. It’s equally important to note that this camera offers Vivid Night Vision and 4MP Super HD thus you will have magnificent videos and images during the day and night.

Another great advantage of this Surveillance System is that you can remotely access it using the free App and this allows you to check the business or home security at any time.

#4 Firstrend-1080P Wireless NVR Security Camera System

Firstrend 1080P Wireless NVR Security Camera System

Best Vision 1080P surveillance system provides you with a lot of local storage (2T HDD), clear video quality (1080P HD), and 65 feet long-range night vision. On top of that, the camera is IP66 rated weatherproof making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor Surveillance in your office, home warehouse, shops, etc.

Together with that, this camera is fully compatible with your mobile (iOS and Android system) computer and tablets. The free app can be used to view playback recordings remotely and it will support motion detection, video Backup, and Sync-playback. For that reason, this camera is controlled by authorized account preventing any chances of attacking or hacking.

#3 Zmodo Simplified PoE Full HD 1080p Security Camera System

Zmodo Simplified 1080p Security Camera System

The Zmodo camera has recognition software that enables it detects animals, cars, people and respond appropriately. With its Simplified PoE, this makes it possible to connect the IP cameras with NVR using a single cable that can transmit both power and data enabling easy setup and installation. Correspondingly, the camera enables you to view crystal clear 1080p Video even in dark areas as it has infrared night vision that sees up to 65ft.

This camera can be viewed remotely using your phone and control the viewing whenever you are at any place keeping your property secured. This camera also comes with 30-day full refund warranty.

#2 Reolink 4MP 8CH 1440P PoE Video Surveillance System

Reolink 4MP Video Surveillance System

If you are looking for an easy and quick option for surveying your home or office, then this all-seeing Surveillance System is an appealing solution for you. The camera can support 8 channels at the same time securing your office, home, outdoor & indoors 24/7. Ideally, this Surveillance System has an NVR that is set to overwrite the oldest footage automatically and you can also export the video files using a USB drive.

Thanks to its 2 years quality warranty as you can replace the item if you found that the item has some manufacture defects. The camera likewise comes with 30 days money back guarantee.

#1 ZOSI Full HD 1080P PoE 120ft Night Vision Video Security Cameras

ZOSI 1080P Video Security Cameras

The ZOSI Full HD home security camera is a great investment for any homeowner. The camera is usually connected to NVR using a single Ethernet cable that usually transmits both power and data thus simple to install as well as limiting the cost. With this in mind, the camera will let you view crystal 1080p Video both locally or remotely.

The free Zosi Smart app will enable you to see the camera on your smartphone anytime anywhere and have a motion detection alerts with the image pushed to your phone using the application. Consequently, it has a Built-in 2TB Hard Drive that supports ultra-long continuous recording overwriting the oldest internally stored footage.

#3 Conclusion

A good IP Security Camera Systems is specially-designed to meet your expectations recording any eventualities. The camera should be able to alert you at the correct time whenever there is an issue. This guide will assist you to choose the best Security Camera that will meet your needs.


  1. Just Bought ONWOTE Audio 5MP PoE 8CH H.265 Security Camera System. Easy Installation. Good Mobile App but Its quite Difficult to setup software. Quality is the best. Best IP Security Camera System.

  2. ZOSI Full HD 1080P PoE 120ft Night Vision Video Security Cameras is a great system, I’m not a huge fan of wireless security and wanted a wired PoE, it is so easy to install. Comes with plenty of cable


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