TOP 10 Best Garden Hose Splitter to Buy in 2019


Best Garden Hose Splitter Reviews

TOP 10 Best Garden Hose Splitter to Buy in 2019 : Most of us have backyard gardens where we grow vegetables and or flowers. We also have lawns that we often water to keep yards looking good. To complete such tasks efficiently, you need access to a water source and a hose. Garden hoses are readily available in most stores. However, because outdoor spigots are in short supply outdoors, people have to do such tasks individually, which wastes time. To boost your productivity without setting up additional water outlets at home, buy a garden hose splitter. With one, you can water your garden and or lawn at the same time. Their simple screw-on designs are not only easy to set up but also durable. Here are 10 recommended brands that deliver.

#1 Things to Consider Before Buying Best Garden Hose Splitter

Garden hose splitters are suitable for distributing water to two or more area of your lawn from one spigot. Even though invaluable, the quality of the item you buy matters. Check out these features to get the best:

  • Material : Reports of some hose splitters bursting under pressure due to their low-quality materials is shared. Check this before spending your money on one. Can it withstand the weight of your spigot? All brass hose splitters with leak-proof ball valves are the best. You could leave one outdoors for many months without it rusting or falling apart.
  • Ease of use : Avoid most of the complicated garden hose splitters that require pliers or special tools to set up. Simple twist-on designs with leak-proof connectors are the best. Setting up hoses on them is easy.
  • Size : If you are upgrading your watering system, check the size of the hose splitter you are planning to buy. Is it compatible with your spigot? Can it fit and work well with the garden hoses in your possession? Look for a reliable hose splitter with these attributes to avoid unnecessary costs.

#2 Best Garden Hose Splitter Reviews 2019

#1 2wayz 2X Metal Body Hose Splitter

2wayz 2X Metal Body Hose Splitter

Every year, 2wayz releases premium hose splitters for gardens with a plethora of upgrades. This upgraded 2017 version, for instance, has a few essential attributes that you will love. Fits, unlike some slip-on hose splitters that leak often, its threaded and bolt-on design is convenient. By preventing leaks, it saves people water and therefore money over time. Each splitter also oozes proof y-valves with long handles that most people can use easily. While tending to your lawn or garden, you can turn the water on and off effortlessly. This is a safe food product. The solid metal used to manufacture it lacks heavy metals such as lead (0.0 %). Each package has 10 rubber gaskets, which are food-grade as well.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Leak-proof connection and gaskets
  • Made from a lead-free metal alloy
  • Easy to install thread-on design
  • Money back guarantee (unlimited)
  • Long and smooth handles
  • It’s plastic handles break easily

#2 Kasian House Backyard Garden Hose Splitter

Kasian House Backyard Garden Hose Splitter

Constantly switching hoses on a spigot can wear out their connectors prematurely. To save yourself such an expense, look for a garden hose splitter such as Kasian House. Recommended for watering backyards ad lawns or cleaning cars, its multi-functional design is handy. You can connect two hoses and use them individually or simultaneously without sacrificing water pressure. This makes it one of the most dependable accessories for splitting tubes. Its smooth plastic levers are easy to use, while its quick-connect faucet does not leak over time. If you are conscious of water wastage at home, this is an excellent addition to your gardening tools. You get a satisfaction guarantee from Kasian House.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Quick connect faucet
  • Leak-proof valves/connections
  • Easy to use plastic levers
  • Satisfaction guaranteed splitter
  • Nozzle breaks easily when mishandles

#3 Homitt 2-Way Y Hose Connector and Garden Splitter

Homitt 2-Way Y Hose Connector and Garden Splitter

Gardening should be a fun process. However, standard accessories such as watering can frustrate people often. To eliminate such issues, you should consider installing this 2-way Homitt splitter on the single water spigot in your backyard. With one, you can channel water to different areas (up to two) of your yard without breaking the bank. Made from a recycled zinc alloy, its longevity also stands out. Even though fading is normal, leaks are not an issue. Using its rubberized plastic levers, you can also control the flow of water. These are not only non-slip but are also comfortable to use. This Y hose connector supports most 0.8Mpa systems. It is under warranty (one year) and has a rotating connector for easy installation. You do not need a set of pliers to set it up well.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Supports most 0.8Mpa systems
  • Convenient two-way system
  • Under a one-year warranty
  • Rubberized plastic levers
  • None

#4 SOMMERLAND A1001 Brass Y 2 Way Garden Hose Connector

SOMMERLAND A1001 Brass Y 2 Way Garden Hose Connector

If you have never used SOMMERLAND hose connectors, this is a top-rated brand with quality products. Check out this two brass model that doubles as a splitter. Its multi-functional design can satisfy the needs of most people. It makes watering garden and or lawns simultaneously a breeze. With one, you will also be able to wash your car as a sprinkler waters your lawn for you. Its brass shell is durable. Dropped on most hard surfaces, it does not shutter quickly as cheap ones often do. Rust and corrosion are also non-issues even if you leave it outdoors for the whole day. To prevent leaks, SOMMERLAND has installed a ball valve in this hose splitter. Using its plastic levers, you can adjust the flow of water without straining a wrist. Each pack has 10 leak-proof washers.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Heavy-duty brass splitter
  • Adjustable flow control (dual)
  • Free leak-proof washers (10)
  • Convenient plastic levers
  • Low-quality screws

#5 Morvat New and Improved Garden Hose, Connector, and Splitter

Morvat New and Improved Garden Hose, Connector, and Splitter

With Morvat, channeling water to different areas of your yard will no longer be an issue for you. This all-in-one two-way hose connector and splitter come ready to use. Its screws directly onto most water spigots that people have on their backyards. With one, thus, you will not have to switch out hoses often to water different areas of your yard. Made of brass, this all-metal connector/splitter is durable. It can withstand high water pressures. You can expose it to the rain and UV for months without it failing, rusting, and or breaking. Its dependability is amazing.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Durable all-brass splitter
  • Leak-free ball valves
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Easy to install (Twist-on)
  • Collar leaks over time

#6 Leaf HD Comfort Grip 2-Way Hose Connector

Leaf HD Comfort Grip 2-Way Hose Connector

Leaf HD Comfort is a durable two-way hose connector that does not break, clog, or rust easily. Ranked among the world’s best splitters for garden hoses, its improved design stands out in many ways. Its levers, for instance, are arthritis-friendly. You can open and close its valves with ease. Its shell and hose attachment is lead-free. This makes it safe for watering plants. Pets can also drink from it without developing health issues. Finally, you will love this splitter’s new no leak design. By containing spillage, is save people water and thus money over time.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • New no leak design
  • Zinc and lead-free
  • Arthritis-friendly levers
  • Worry-free guarantee (100%)
  • Threads chip and break over time

#7 IPOW Backyard 2 Way Y Valve Garden Hose Splitter

IPOW Backyard 2 Way Y Valve Garden Hose Splitter

IPOW Backyard is a universal 2-way garden hose splitter with a swivel connector. It connects to and works well on most spigots. You can also use it with most garden hoses without it leaking or experience pressure issues. If you are tired of the cheap plastic splitters you order breaking often; this is a better option. Its robust all-brass design withstands day-to-day abuse. It works seamlessly on spigots with a pressure of up to 0.8MPa without bursting. Using its easy-to-grip thermoplastic levers (rubber), you can adjust its pressure to satisfy your needs. Moreover, the risk of it corroding or clogging due to calcium build up is very low.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Universal hose connector
  • Thermoplastic levers (easy-grip)
  • Durable all-brass splitter
  • Satisfaction guaranteed (100%)
  • Prone to cracking along seams

#8 Victsing 2-way Water Hose Splitter

Victsing 2-way Water Hose Splitter

Do you have a set of US standard garden hoses (3/4 inches) that you use to water your lawn/garden? To use both at the same time, splitters such as Victsing are among the best remedies. Its two-way design fits two 3/4 –inch hoses. Its premium design supports water pressures up to 0.8MPa while its seamless installation is ideal. You do not need tools such as pliers to fasten it to spigots and or hoses. Its ball valves and rubber washers are leak proof and covered by worry-free guarantees.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Supports 0.8MPa water pressure
  • Accommodates most 3/4 inch hoses
  • Sturdy construction (zinc and rubber)
  • High-flow valves/connectors (leak proof)
  • Satisfaction guaranteed hose splitter
  • Leaky screws

#9 OUTBACKTUFF Spliteron 2-Way Hose Connector

OUTBACKTUFF Spliteron 2-Way Hose Connector

With OUTBACKTUFF Spliteron, you will get an extra-large (3.88×3.88-inch) hose connector with extra-long handles (1.63 inches). Compared to most standard connectors, it is easy to install and operate. Its large and ergonomic design is not only more robust than similar brands but also has a high aesthetic value. It’s green, orange, and the black theme does not fade over time. Washers are leak-proof, while its lead-free design is ideal for freshwater applications. OUTBACKTUFF is pet/ human safe.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Extra-large two-way design
  • Quality guaranteed hose splitter
  • Lead-free materials/components
  • High flow water holes (large)
  • Freezes in the winter

#10 Ikris 2-way Garden Hose Splitter

Ikris 2-way Garden Hose Splitter

This rubber coated splitter not only has an eye-catching design but a dependable one as well. Leaks are not common. Its smooth and long threads grip hoses tightly. Moreover, both ends have rubber rings that create a leak-proof seal even at high pressure. Second, you will love the ComfortGrip Levers on this hose splitter. Most people, including those with arthritic hands, can open and close its valves quickly. Its set up is a breeze (the twist on), while its full rubber coating prevents damage.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Full rubber coating
  • ComfortGrip Levers
  • Leak-proof rubber rings
  • Stable at high pressure
  • Plastic parts snap off easily

#3 Conclusion

Did you know that you can easily water your plants and clean your car at the same from one spigot? If you own two hoses that are roughly the same size, all you need is a garden hose splitter. Our top 10 picks are versatile. They work with most hoses and spigots. Levers are efficient, while the heavy-duty plastic and brass used to make them last for long.


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