TOP 10 Best Christmas Tablecloths to Buy in 2018


Best Christmas Tablecloths Reviews

Christmas inspired tablecloths have become an important part of the festive season. And as the popularity of the piece grows so does the available varieties. You’ll find prints, images, and embroidery of things associated with Christmas. Worthy examples include a snowman, reindeer, herringbone, gold ribbon, holly leaves, stars and much more. As part of meeting the rising demands, manufacturers and sellers always try to bring something new and fresh into the market. It’s also not unusual to see a piece that has remained popular for several years.

The biggest challenge is normally finding a product that will offer you the best service and maximum satisfaction. During the buying process, you will need to compare many items. Things that need considering include the material used (cotton, polyester, poly-cotton…), size, design, elegance, price and much more. The truth is this can be daunting especially if you little knowledge. Its easy for a seller to dupe you, you’ll probably spend more time in the research, an also buy something bad believing it’s a good choice.

Fortunately, for you, we took quite some time to compare what’s on offer. Besides paying attention to the key features like material, size, and design, we also interacted with customers and experts. And as you may note, the below products are highly rated and come from reputable brands. The following is the review on the best Christmas tablecloth for 2018. Check them out right now to see if any of them fit your requirements!

#1 Best Christmas Tablecloths Reviews 2018

#1 Benson Mills Christmas Ribbons Engineered Printed Fabric Tablecloth

Benson Mills Christmas Ribbons Engineered Printed Fabric Tablecloth

Made of 55% Cotton/ 45% Polyester, this tablecloth will improve the appearance and beauty of the table during Christmas. The lightweight product has a smooth finish and features Christmas Ribbons prints. This design goes well with most tables and is symbolic with Christmas. The piece is strong enough to combat tear and wear.

The cloth is 60 inches wide and 120 inches long and is ideal for many tables. It can suit 12 to 14 chairs without needing any modifications. Washing the unit is easy thanks to the tough material. The manufacturer advises consumers to use cold water and machine wash. Besides this size, you also get other sizes to suit your specific needs or individual taste.

#2 Lenox Holiday Nouveau Tablecloth, 60 By-104-Inch Oblong/Rectangle, Ivory

Lenox Holiday Nouveau Tablecloth

If you desire the perfect Christmas tablecloth, the Lenox holiday Nouveau is ideal. It has a good size of 60 x 104 inches and works great with many tables. The quality material (Cotton 54% / Polyester 46%) can endure regular use.

One thing people talk about is the liveliness it brings about. This is because of the mixture of vibrant prints, which include holly leaves, gold ribbon and flowing tartan bands. It looks okay with different decors and furniture, both traditional and modern.

The strong tailoring prevents ripping and wears and help to preserve its goodness. Washing the cloth is simple and you are advised to machine wash and to use cold water. Also recommended is not mixing it with different colors when washing.

#3 Benson Mills Christmas Story Engineered Jacquard Fabric Tablecloth, 60″ By 104″

Benson Mills Christmas Story Engineered Jacquard Fabric Tablecloth

Tailored from 100% polyester, this Benson Mills X-mas tablecloth is a good pick for the festive season. It is strong and durable to handle tear, ripping, color fade, regular washing, misuse and more. Additionally, the piece is lightweight for easy spreading on the table. And at the same time, it’s tough enough for the regular operation. The cloth has a size of 60 inches width and 104 120 inches in length. It comes fully tailored and ready to use. No need to readjust or modify it.

Moreover, it has amazing prints that go well with the Christmas season or even for Thanksgiving. Besides this size, you can still find smaller or larger size to meet your demands. And if handled with care, this piece will see you through several seasons.

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#4 Newbridge Holly Ribbon Traditions Fabric Christmas Holiday Tablecloth, 60 X 120 Inch

Newbridge Holly Ribbon Traditions Fabric Christmas Holiday Tablecloth

Measuring 152 x 305 cm / 60″ x 120 inches, this rectangle / oblong tablecloth is appropriate for Christmas as well as Thanksgiving. It is made of a tough fabric comprising 100% polyester. It doesn’t shrink, expand, or rip easily. The manufacturer says it can fit on tables that seat as many as 12 people.

To make it suitable for Christmas, the piece features Holly ribbons. On top of that, it exudes a traditional appeal that is perfect for the holidays. The tough fabric can endure regular washing, ironing. However, to maintain its goodness and extend its lifespan, you should tumble dry it, machine wash, and avoid strop nag belches or excessive ironing.

#5 Lenox Holiday Nouveau Christmas Tablecloths ~ 60 X 84″ Oblong Rectangular

Lenox Holiday Nouveau Christmas Tablecloths

Christmas can’t be without the right tablecloth. This is why you should think of this one by Lenox. It has a good size of 60 x 84 inches and has a nice fit for different tables. The oblong rectangular shape also contributes to the good fit while the nice finish complements the surrounding. It comprises cotton (58%) and polyester (42%) and this gives it a decent strength to handle the frequent use.

To give it a lively appeal, the cloth comes with a gold ribbon, holly leaves, and flowing tartan. It is perfect for most decors and can be used at home, holiday home, restaurant, and other places. Other reasons why it is featuring in this review include easy cleaning, lightweight, and resistant to ripping.

#6 Benson Mills Christmas Noel Printed Tablecloth, Size 60-Inch-By-84-Inch

Benson Mills Christmas Noel Printed Tablecloth

Comprising of 52% Cotton and 48% Polyester, the Benson Mills Christmas Noel Printed Tablecloth is a regular feature in the best tablecloth for Christmas reviews. In fact, the Brand boosts of several pieces in this reviews. Consumers and experts love the nice Noel prints, which go well with the season. They are well laid out and feature vibrant colors to make the table layout more inviting.

This piece measures 60 by 84 inches and fitting on most tables will not be a problem. What’s more, it stays firm on the same spot to prevent unnecessary sliding or movements. The fabric doesn’t fray or lose fibers thanks to the good tailoring and material. For the best results, you should Machine Wash Cold with Gentle Cycle.

#7 Maison D’ Hermine Deer In The Woods 100% Cotton Tablecloth 60 Inch By 90 Inch

Maison D’ Hermine Deer In The Woods Cotton Tablecloth

Maison d’ Hermine Deer in The Woods features nice prints that will lighten up the table during Xmas. It measures 60 inches wide and 90 inches long. This dimension makes it fit well on different table sizes. When it comes to quality and durability, you can be certain it is good. This is because it is designed in Europe and is made of top grade fabric.

The 100% Cotton piece has a smooth texture and is resistant to creases and wrinkles. And since its cotton, you can be sure it is durable and won’t scratch or damage the surfaces.

The machine washable cloth cleans easily and is tolerant of stains and dirt. When not using it for Christmas, this piece also makes a good choice for Thanksgiving.

#8 Benson Mills Jubilee Printed Jacquard Tablecloth

Benson Mills Jubilee Printed Jacquard Tablecloth

With Christmas around the corner, you like many other people are certainly searching for the best Christmas tablecloth. However, with so many types and offers on the market, you are yet to decide. Well, we believe that this piece by Benson Mills will meet your desires. Firstly, it has a decent dimension of 52 x 672 inches to take care of most tables. Secondly, the material (52% Cotton, 48% Polyester) feels tough to endure daily use as well as rough handling.

Thirdly, the Jubilee Prints go well with the Christmas season. Additionally, it is also a good pick for Thanksgiving, Fall & Harvest. Finally, the prints don’t fade easily while the cloth itself maintains its integrity even after numerous washing.

#9 Christmas Village Fabric Printed Tablecloth, 60″ X 120″

Christmas Village Fabric Printed Tablecloth

If you want a good cloth for the table for the Christmas season then Benson Mills have just what you are looking for. This piece has a practical dimension of 60 x 120 inches and should work well with most tables. It is made of high quality 100% politer fabric to handle the daily demands and features amazing prints symbolic with the festive season. And to complement the nice looks, the piece has a smooth surface that feels nice on the skin and won’t abrade or damage the table or utensils.

The strong stitching and tailoring give it good strength whereas the versatility suits it for many applications. It’s easy to clean thanks to the strong material, simple design, and good tailoring. You can machine wash in cold water for use gentle cycles.

#10 BENSON MILLS Nordic Christmas Herringbone Printed Rectangle Tablecloth

BENSON MILLS Nordic Christmas Herringbone Printed Rectangle Tablecloth

Made from 100% polyester fabric, this tablecloth from Benson mills will add a refreshing look to your table during Christmas. The material may be lighter than most alternatives but is very strong. It will resist premature aging, tear, wear and fading. Additionally, the piece features quality herringbone prints that are associated with Christmas.

The piece measures 60 inches wide and 120 inches long. It fits nicely on many tables and doesn’t need any adjustments. Further to the good design and material, it is easy to maintain. The manufacturer recommends gentle cycles or machine wash in cold water. In addition to this particular size, the cloth is also available in other different sizes, both large and small.

#2 Conclusion

After reading this review, you’ll have an easier time deciding on the cloth that will be finding its way on your table during Christmas. To sum them up, we looked at the material, design, brand reputable, consumer reviews, expert opinion, usability, reliability and more. And although we have ranked them from the best to the very best, these pieces share a lot in common. For instance, they are all very strong, look amazing in different scenarios, are very versatile for use in various locations, and are durable and easy to take care off.

Also notable is that they come in vibrant colors and design, have many 4-5 star ratings, and regularly feature in the best reviews. With such details, you are more assured of getting maximum contentment. Finding the right one should not be a hassle. Just use this best Christmas tablecloth in 2018 reviews as your buyers guide.


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