TOP 10 Best Bissell Carpet Cleaners Parts & Accessories


Bissell Carpet Cleaners Parts & Accessories

TOP 10 Best Bissell Carpet Cleaners Parts & Accessories : Carpet cleaning is probably one the easiest to forget things. The carpet is the part of a house that can be a breeding ground for bacteria, pile up dust and other allergic things like pollen, collect human hair, dried skin cells, pet hairs and excrement, acquire ugly coffee stains overtime. A dirty carpet not only makes your house look ugly but it is also bad for the hygiene.

#1 Why Is Carpet Cleaning Necessary?

All the bacteria and allergens present in an uncleaned carpet can cause health issues to your family members, specially to children. The look and smell of a clean carpet also helps the ambience of a house, you never have to be worried about having a guest over. Lastly, by regularly cleaning the carpets and by keeping them in well-maintained condition you can save a lot of money, as replacing the dirty carpets with new ones are going to make a whole in your wallet.

#2 Carpet Cleaning Solutions

There are many carpet cleaning devices available in the market, used by professional housekeepers. But if you would like to save the service charges of the regular housekeeping, you can buy a carpet cleaner yourself so you could clean your carpets on weekend or whenever you are doing housecleaning. Bissell is a company that offers great carpet cleaning machines, pet shampoo machines, steam mops for cleaning etc. The machines Bissell makes are made with high quality materials and last a long time, however that does not encourage Bissell from making their products modular so in the long run, even if some parts of their products wear out or break, there will be easy to find replacement parts for it. In the next section we discuss a few important parts which can be fitted or replaced very easily in your Bissell cleaning machine. Also Read About Best Carpet Cleaners Review.

#3 Where to Find Carpet Cleaners Parts?

The Bissell carpet cleaners are all very modular, you can easily replace broken or old parts with new ones by simple buying those parts separately. Here are some of the parts you may replace in your carpet cleaner:


#4 Best Bissell Carpet Cleaners Parts & Accessories

#1 Bissell Cap and Insert Assembly

Bissell Cap and Insert AssemblyThis part is used in front of the water tank and the Power Fresh steam mop. It is the part that is most likely to wear out over time and probably the first part in the carpet cleaner you need to replace. They can be found easily in Amazon or Bissell’s own website. The Bissell Cap and Insert Assembly costs around $XX. It is a good idea to keep some new caps as backup for times when you need one immediately. Make sure to handle the valve assembly with care, as too much strength may break it. Also, while ordering the product make sure to check if the model number of your cleaner is compatible with the cap assembly you are ordering.

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#2 Bissell Attachment Liftoff Cleaner Hose

Bissell Attachment Liftoff Cleaner HoseThis can be used as a hose for the steamer or with the vacuum for the Bissell carpet cleaner you have. These are available as OEM parts on Amazon. The Liftoff Cleaner Hose usually costs around $XX. The hose is made out of clear plastic, so the hose may develop cracks easily. This replacement is very easy to attach. There are also YouTube guides available if you find it very hard to attach this hose to your cleaner. Don’t forget to check compatibility of the hose with your cleaner before ordering.


#3 Bissell Carpet Cleaner Nozzle and End Cap Assembly

Bissell Carpet Cleaner Nozzle and End Cap AssemblyThis nozzle and end cap assembly is for Bissell carpet cleaners. It can also be used with a Bissell 2X Pet Steamer. The OEM parts are available in Amazon for around $XX. The nozzle and cap are made with good quality hard plastic, so it can survive pretty long time. But as the plastic is very hard, it may dry up and become brittle causing cracks and breakage in the nozzle and cap areas. So, these need to be replaced once in a few years.


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#4 Bissell Tank Bottom Assembly

Bissell Tank Bottom AssemblyOne of the most important part of a Bissell carpet cleaner is the water tank assembly which is responsible for storing tap water and using it for either creating steam or spraying hot water on stains. Get this bottom assembly from Amazon for around 50 bucks and replace your broken water tank in your Bissell cleaner. You should get the replacement OEM part as these are generally built better with good quality of plastic. For a perfect fit with your Bissell Little Green ProHeat get this tank assembly.

#5 Bissell ProHeat 2X Bottom Tank

Bissell ProHeat 2X Bottom TankThis tank assembly is for the Bissell ProHeat 2X Pet shampoo machine. The original tank that comes with the ProHeat 2X Pet may develop leaks over time, get this one from Amazon for around $$ USD. This should be a perfect fit for your Bissell ProHeat 2X. It is made with high quality sturdy plastic and should last longer than the original tank, but make sure to not drop the cleaner as sturdy plastic is also prone to breaking quicker. The replacement can be fitted very easily watching some YouTube video. Once again, before ordering any of these parts from Amazon, you must double check if the part number of the parts listed here are compatible with you Bissell cleaner model number.

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