TOP 10 Best Bath Chair for Elderly to Buy in 2019


Best Bath Chair for Elderly Reviews

TOP 10 Best Bath Chair for Elderly to Buy in 2019 : The best bath chair for elderly folks makes life convenient and showering much more comfortable than ever. The elderly do not have great stability nor are they quick at grasping things around them should they slip and start to fall down. That’s why they must have bath chairs. These units have legs that are attached with suction tips to provide extra stability, so your loved one can shower conveniently. They are also ergonomically designed to allow for long periods of sitting without fatigue. In addition, bath chairs are constructed with sturdy frames that support weight well to provide peace of mind during use. After in-depth research, here are the ones we recommend for you.

#1 Things to Consider before Buying Best Bath Chair for Elderly

For more information on how to choose the best bath chair for elderly persons, check out the following factors.

  • Construction/Weight Capacity : Go for a bath chair with a sturdy frame. This is because the frame contributes greatly to weight capacity in the sense that the sturdier the frame, the higher the weight capacity. However, your bath chair should not be heavy because it is sturdy. So, as much as you are choosing a strong bath chair, make sure it is light enough to carry to and from the bathroom.
  • Drainage Holes : A bath chair that does not have drainage holes is unlikely to let water flow freely, and this is likely to make showering uncomfortable. With that in mind, ensure that the bath chair you are set to buy has enough drainage holes to reduce water pooling and the potential risk of slipping.
  • Size : Most people have bought a bath chair only to realize that the chair is too big to fit their tubs. Well, to avoid such inconveniences, make sure you know the dimensions of your bath chair before making a purchase. This will help you settle for a convenient model that not only fit the bathtub perfectly but also does not take up much space, thereby, making showering much easier than expected.

#2 Best Bath Chair for Elderly Reviews 2019



MedMobile has designed this bath chair for the elderly with around end to allow for much easier and more comfortable transfer from the wheelchair to the shower. The transfer bench/bath chair makes life very convenient for seniors. Its legs are constructed with sturdy and rustproof aluminum to allow for secure use. Besides, the legs have wide foot grips that provide further stability as well as making the bath chair more secure. The overall dimensions of this transfer bench are 29 inches long by 16 inches deep by 25 inches high (without backrest), and its weight capacity is 250 pounds. What’s more, this transfer bench has 5 levels of seat height adjustment from 16-1/2” to 20-1/2”, with an increment of 1”.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Minimizes the chances of slips in the bathtub
  • Works great for people with medical injuries
  • Stable, slide-proof, and solidly built
  • The height is easy to adjust
  • A little hard to put together

#2 Carex Bath Seat and Shower Chair – Universal

Carex Bath Seat and Shower Chair

Carex cares for you. And this is justified by this universal bath seat and shower chair. It is an innovative shower chair that offers comfortable showering. It is very safe and stable; hence, it is the go-to product if you are looking for a practical shower seat. Its maximum weight is up to 400 pounds, which is just great. Moreover, this chair for elderly has an adjustable height from 16” to 21”, and it fits most bathtubs. It is also super lightweight, non-slip, and stable. Plus it requires no tools for assembly, making it insanely easy to put together. Its seat has drainage holes that help eliminate water pooling, so you can bathe comfortably throughout.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Feels stable and works great
  • The height is adjustable
  • Fits smaller tubs just fine
  • Comfortable and very easy to assemble
  • The drainage holes are very helpful
  • Takes up much room in the bathtub

#3 Platinum Health Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat

Platinum Health Sliding Transfer Bench

Since home is where your health is, you should definitely consider this transfer bench with swivel seat. It is a premium transfer bath chair that offers effortless pivoting and sliding for safe transfers in and out of the tub. It is considered one of the best not to mention being used in thousands of hospitals. This is because it is designed by front-line healthcare workers who have multiple years of experience. The seat of this bath chair for elderly swivels 360 degrees to improve convenience. Plus it has a locking feature that ensures maximum comfort and seat. In addition, the transfer bench has water-shedding soft padding that feels much warmer to the skin compared to standard hard plastic models.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Easy to assemble and reduces fall in the bathroom
  • Easy to slide and swivel
  • Does not take up much space in the bathroom
  • Large; hence, may not be suitable for a small bathroom

#4 Duro-Med Tub Transfer Bench and Sliding Shower Chair

Duro-Med Tub Transfer Bench and Sliding Shower Chair

Duro-Med makes lifestyle products for better living. Well, one of their products is the tub transfer bench, which has an amazing weight capacity up to 400 pounds yet weighs just 14.5 pounds. It is designed to fit most bathtubs, meaning your chances of adjusting anything to make the chair fit in the tub are almost zero. The overall dimensions of this sliding shower chair are 39 inches wide by 18 inches deep by 37 inches high, and the seat measures 19 inches wide by 14.5 Inches deep. In addition, this sliding shower chair has an adjustable seat height, which makes it easy to adjust from 18 inches deep – 23.5 inches high. This bath chair for elderly folks also comes with a safety belt to help prevent accidental slipping.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Very easy to put together
  • Light enough to lift easily in and out of the tub
  • Makes a great gift for someone with limited mobility
  • Packaging should be improved

#5 Vaunn Medical Spa Bathtub Shower Lift Chair

Vaunn Medical Spa Bathtub Shower Lift Chair

Although this bath chair for elderly persons has a very low price tag, its features are functional. And that’s what makes it one of the best on the market. It is built to make your life much more convenient than ever before. That being said, the shower lift chair has a removable back, with a height of 6.5 inches. This bathtub shower lift chair is also lightweight, as it weighs 8.5 pounds only. Needless to say, you can put it in and out of the tub with much ease. Its overall weight capacity is 300 pounds, meaning it works for most people. It is safe, hygienic, easy to use, and rust resistant.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Very sturdy yet lightweight
  • Does not take up too much room
  • Feels comfortable to sit in
  • Assembly is easy and no tools are required
  • Assembly instructions could be more detailed/clearer

#6 Vive Shower Chair with Back

Vive Shower Chair with Back

Senior folks should consider this bath chair because it is designed to provide comfortable and secure showering. It is ergonomically engineered and strong enough to support up to 300 pounds. The chair features padded handles on each of its sides to provide a comfortable grip without increasing the chances of slipping. In addition, each of its legs is capped using a rubber non-slip and anti-skid tip for extra security and safety. The chair is lightweight and easy to assemble without any tools. This means it will be ready to provide secure showering in no time. Its seat adjusts from 14” to 19.5” to fit any height and provide extra stability even on uneven floors.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Sidebars can be removed if desired
  • The height is adjustable
  • Assembly does not take a lot of effort
  • Light in weight yet strong
  • Arrives on time and fits as advertised
  • Customer service is more than willing to assist
  • The chair is not wide enough

#7 Giantex Shower Seat Bench Bathtub for Elderly

Giantex Shower Seat Bench Bathtub for Elderly

A perfect shower must be well made. Going by that, we can confidently say that the Giantex Shower Seat Bench Bathtub for Elderly is one of the best bath chairs for seniors. It has a heavy-duty and durable aluminum frame that enables it to support up to 300 pounds. It also boasts a polyethylene seat that can stand up to repeated shower. In addition, the legs of this bath chair have attached suction tips that provide additional stability. The bath chair has up to 30 drainage holes to make sure all the water is drained, so you can bathe comfortably. Plus its height can be adjusted from 18” – 22.5”. The height has 10 levels of adjustment to make it easy to set the bath chair at the desired level.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Sturdy and well built
  • Easy to transfer into and out of the tub
  • Great for taller tubs
  • Too big to fit small bathrooms

#8 HEALTHLINE Tub Transfer Bench for Elderly and Disabled

HEALTHLINE Tub Transfer Bench for Elderly

This tub transfer bench for elderly and disabled is equipped with an anodized aluminum frame that is lightweight yet very strong. It also has a textured blow molded back and seat for comfort and support. Furthermore, this tub transfer bench has drainage holes to help reduce water pooling and the risk of slipping. The legs of this special chair are angled, and they have two suction tips to add stability. You will, therefore, be able to shower with peace of mind knowing that the last thing that can happen to you is to slide, lose balance, and fall. Like other bath chairs for elderly persons, this one has an adjustable height. Plus it supports up to 350 pounds.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Lightweight yet has an impressive weight capacity
  • Easy to adjust to perfectly fit the bathtub
  • The suction cups are really secure
  • Works great for the elderly, disabled and people with broken ankles
  • Tends to come with no instructions

#9 Duro-Med DMI Shower Transport Chair

Duro-Med DMI Shower Transport Chair

When you have this bath chair for the elderly, you will not have problems moving your loved one or the patient in and out of the shower. It is high quality and innovative shower chair with locking wheels for security. Ideally, this chair can be used as a padded commode chair because it fits directly over a standard toilet. By so doing, the chair allows a caregiver to effortlessly transfer a loved one or patient. Its backrest is made of PVC, meaning it is waterproof. Plus it has a padded vinyl seat that is comfortable enough to allow you to sit for an extended period. The bath chair has a weight capacity of 250 pounds yet it weighs just 18 pounds.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • Well made and has a high quality
  • The locks work well
  • The seat is soft enough
  • Very easy to assemble
  • The bar on the back is not well positioned

#10 Drive Medical K.D. Aluminum Shower Chair/Commode with Casters

Drive Medical K.D. Aluminum Shower Chair

Drive Medical has packed this shower chair/commode with lots of features to ensure a comfortable and pleasant bathing experience. The model has a padded seat that is super comfortable, so you can sit in it for a long time without feeling fatigued. It also has an open front design that makes personal hygiene convenient and amazingly easy. When the bath chair is not in use, you can remove the back and the 12-quart commode bucket. Best of all, you will be able to do all that without using any tools. The frame of this chair is made of rust-resistant anodized aluminum, and it is lightweight to improve convenience as well. What’s more, there are 3 non-skid casters that make the bath chair easy to transfer to and from the bedroom.

#1 Pro & Cons

  • The price is affordable
  • The cutout in the front seat is thoughtful
  • Makes life easier for the disabled, the elderly, and patients
  • The brakes could be better

#3 Conclusion

Bath chairs are not for the elderly only; they are also great for patients and people with disability. They are designed to make life easier by providing a well-thought-out place to sit on while showering. With them, you will be able to bath independently and on a regular basis.


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