TOP 10 Best​​​​​ Wallets For Women to Buy in 2019


Best​​​​​ Wallets For Women Reviews

Modern women are not confined to using a pouch or a small sling bag to carry their cash and cards. Nowadays, it is more practical to own a wallet as your money and important cards are organized in it and you can easily bring it and shoot it in any of your bags. You are maybe the kind of woman who loves keeping all the receipts, bank and membership cards, and even your phone, then you might be using or would want a long all-in-one bifold design. Or you only love bringing enough cash and your needed credit cards so you are a fan of a simple, credit card holder. If you are looking for a new or replacement wallet, learn more about the wallets for women on sale.


There are tons of wallets to choose from. It is like a girl’s closet where you cannot decide what you would pick. To help you ladies choose the best wallet for you, read this buying guide before you purchase a wallet.

Size – You may want to ask yourself first if you want to have folded bills. If yes, a bi-fold wallet can be sufficient. If not, you need a cliptop wallet that is long and big. These are a few considerations that can help you narrow down your choices.

Material – Not all women’s wallet styles are made of leather, some are made of plastic, cloth or faux leather. If you are not a big fan of it there are many quality wallets that are not made of animal skin.

Security – With the emerging use of RFID in our debit and credit cards, some thieves can slip your wallet and make an unauthorized scan on their purchase. If you always bring your cards with you, you would consider getting a wallet with an RFID-blocking technology.

Color – Wallets are not limited to one color. If you found a style that you like, most likely they also offer different colors on that. Pick a color that you like best so you are happier with your purchase.

Capacity – Business cards, bank cards, receipts, cash, coins, licenses, and a picture of your loved one – all must be in your wallet. There are wallet styles that can fit all on your checklist.

#2 Best​​​​​ Wallets For Women Reviews 2019

#1 Itslife Women’s RFID Blocking Large Wallet

Itslife Womens RFID Blocking Large

Most wallets with an anti-RFID technology are small or the card case type. If you are a fan of long wallets and are wanting a more secure one, then this might be the one you’ve been searching for so long. If you are a big fan of the classic brown leather wallets, here is one for you. Not only that, it is also equipped with RFID blocking technology that will protect your identity as well as your hard-earned money.


  • It has 21 card slots, 3 bill compartments, a pocket for your coins, and a zipper phone case.
  • The zippered phone case can easily fit an iPhone 8+.
  • It is made of leather and it is wax finished.

If you like a simple yet very efficient wallet, then this is the one for you. With tons of necessary things you can put into it, you will never regret having it. it has a stylish look that you will surely like.

#2 Buvelife Credit Card Wallet Leather RFID Wallet

Buvelife Credit Card Wallet Leather RFID Wallet

Nowadays, the majority of the population do cashless purchases. They either pay online or use their credit or debit cards. Are you also into cashless payments? After looking at this specific wallet, it is shocking to see that it really does have 36 card slots. It seems impossible, but yes, this sure can keep a lot of cards but still looks like an ordinary long wallet which is good.


  • It is made of high-quality leather.
  • There is also a compartment for your phone, bills, and loose change.
  • It has a zip-around design.

If you own a handful of cards and are always needing them, I would recommend this wallet. It will securely keep all your cards and you can still put some coins and bills if you will be needing to pay in cash.

#3 YALUXE Women’s RFID Blocking Wax Genuine

YALUXE Women’s RFID Blocking Wax Genuine

Many ladies adore Coach wallets for women. But as it is a designer’s brand, some cannot afford to buy one or save their money to cop one. But there are many wallet brands on the market that has the same classy look as other high-end brands. This ladies wallet is lowkey but stylish. It does not attract too much attention especially from pickpockets yet the wallet looks elegant. It is also not bulky and can fit anywhere.


  • This has a big snap pocket and zip pocket.
  • It can contain 21 cards and has 3 cash sections.
  • An iPhone 7plus can fit without its case.

For its quality and price, you should try this wallet. This brown wallet gives off an antique vibe that is perfect for the modern style. If you only have enough cards, you might want to purchase this one as it is great to keep them all.

#4 Borgasets Women’s Wallet Credit Card Holder

Borgasets Womens Wallet Credit Card Holder

Are you tired of bringing your bulky purse and are leaning to buy a slimmer wallet? Do you also love the Fossil wallets for women? Look no further for this could be the one you want. Not all of us like bringing all our cards whenever we go out. Some just want to carry a slim wallet that will hold your needed cards and can fit perfectly in your pockets.


  • This is equipped with an RFID anti-theft technology.
  • It is compact and has a slim design.
  • It can keep 17 cards, bills, and coins.

Admit it, it is really annoying carrying an attention-seeker wallet even if you do not intend to grab attention. This wallet is so simple in design yet so helpful and effective in keeping your money and cards.

#5 GEEAD Wallets for Women Small PU

GEEAD Wallets for Women Small PU

Are you an advocate of animal rights? It is hard to buy a wallet that is not made of leather, isn’t it? Worry not as you can buy a wallet with has the same quality of a leather without hurting an animal to make one. You might have fallen in love with a design but upon looking at the material used – it is made of leather. But do you know that there are wallets in the market that is made of vegan leather?


  • It has 8 card slots, a bill pocket, and a zipper coin pocket.
  • This has an RFID blocking system.
  • A key ring is also present.

#6 Dante Women RFID Blocking Real Leather Trifold

Dante Women RFID Blocking Real Leather Trifold

Some women like a wallet that will also serve as their clutch bag. This is to keep their coins, cash, and cards with it and a plus if their phone can be put in it too. This wallet looks long and an iPhone 7 can fit in it. It is also slim so users will not have a hard time holding this wallet for an amount of time.


  • It has 3 clear ID slots, 11 card slots, an outside zippered pocket for coins.
  • This has 5 full-length bills and checkbook compartment.
  • It is packed in a decent and nice box great for gifting.

If you are a fan of Fossil wallets for women, you will love this wallet. Its looks and feels can pass as a very expensive wallet. This has enough card slots perfect for women who prefer bringing cash more than cards.

#7 Women Wallet Soft Leather Designer Trifold

Women Wallet Soft Leather Designer Trifold

Do you like a wallet that is soft to touch and does not a break-in to be soft and to easily access the inside? Then this wallet might catch your attention. If you have tons of cards and always bring cash and coins with you, you would want to have a compact wallet, isn’t it? This wallet looks slim and perfect for everyday use.


  • It has a zippered compartment and a button closure.
  • This can hold 9 cards.
  • It has a compartment for an iPhone 7, checkbook, and cash.

If you are looking for a fun yet classy everyday wallet, then this might be the one that will suit you. This is perfect for students because of its size, looks, and reliability and its youthful design will surely look perfect to schoolgirls.

#8 Travelambo Womens Walllet RFID Blocking

Travelambo Womens Walllet RFID Blocking

“One should buy an expensive so you can use it for so long.” You might have heard a friend or a family member recommended you to get that expensive wallet that will empty your pocket. But do you know that you can buy quality wallets at a less expensive price? Looking at the price, it is a shock that this wallet is priced cheaply compared to other wallets on the list. It is because it is made of high-quality faux leather but can this really outlast its competitors?


  • It is made of durable, high-quality faux leather.
  • This is equipped with 18 card slots, 2 zipped cash slots, and an ID slot.
  • The size is 7.5” x 4” x 1.

For the price, this is a great choice for women who do not want to spend too much on buying a new wallet. It is also great in storing your cards as it can hold so many cards without making the wallet look bulky.

#9 RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Women

RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Women

Are you tired of bringing a sling bag just to keep your wallet? Or are you getting annoyed with bringing out your long wallet where attracts too much attention from the people around you? Thank the heavens as there are wallets for women that are small and compact. It is hard to deny that this is a minimalist designed wallet. It is small, no intricate designs, just a plain wallet that will carry its job in keeping your money and a few cards and IDs.


  • It has 10 card slots, 2 zippered compartments, and 2 money pockets.
  • This is no longer than 5 inches.
  • It is made of 100% genuine leather.

If you are the type of midnight-snack-buddy or always-on-the-go, this wallet is perfect for you. You can easily grab and hold it and for its minimalist design, you can keep it anywhere where it is safe and accessible.

#10 Women RFID Blocking Wallet Leather Zip Around

Women RFID Blocking Wallet Leather Zip Around

Some women like their wallet big to avoid forgetting them and they can put almost anything in it. It is also beneficial if there is a wristlet so they can easily carry it around. This wallet is huge. It looks like a smartphone and a passport can easily fit in it.


  • It is equipped with 17 card slots and
  • made of genuine leather.
  • It has a zip-around style.
  • This holds 40 money bills, a pen, and your passport.

If you will be having a travel trip in the future, this wallet sure is handy. You can keep your passport here and you can stash a good number of cash and cards. You do not need to bring a small bag as you can also put your phone here with ease.

#3 FYI

Is There A Difference Between a Woman’s Wallet from a Man’s Wallet?

It may be overwhelming to look for a wallet in a store where there is no separation of the gents and ladies wallets. If you are the girly type you would want to have a wallet that looks feminine and sophisticated. But if you really do not mind purchasing a manly and a classic wallet then it is okay too. But just for information, yes, there are differences between the two. Here is a list to look for when purchasing a woman’s wallet.

A woman’s wallet is typically slightly larger than a man’s wallet. The reasons are one, older styles of a woman’s wallet have a mirror in it. This was to make sure that a woman looked good all the time. Even most modern wallets for women do not have a mirror in it, companies keep the same size.

Some women’s wallets have a wristlet or a band worn on the wrist. As women’s jeans have smaller pockets than men’s, wallets do not fit in them. The solution is by putting a wristlet so women can bring their own wallets.

Most wallets for women have elaborate designs and textures. You might have noticed a wallet that has a polka dot print on it, floral, or leopard print. There are also wallets that are textured, covered with (faux) fur, or glitters. It is because usually women are attracted to aesthetic beauty and that will go well with their outfit.

A woman’s wallet also has more compartments than of a man’s. This is still because of the jeans problems and when a girl does not want to bring a bag with her, a wallet that can fit a phone in it is a necessity.

#4 Conclusion

Ladies can still be fashionable at the same time as being secured with the contents of their wallets. Some of today’s women’s designer wallets still offer the same classic and sophisticated designs but with upgraded safety technology. Most even made their designs better and created to fit in a woman’s everyday carry. Not only that, some designs can now fit in your jeans pockets so you will not have to sling your wallet in your wrists. Whether you want your wallet simple or not, big or small, the most important thing is you are happy with it and all your personal info are safe from evildoers.


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