9 Amazing Benefits of Using an Inversion Chair


Benefits of Using an Inversion Chair

Inversion therapy using an inversion chair can be a very effective mechanical solution to some very common back and disc-related problems including compressed discs, disc herniation, and sciatica. While you may not have all the benefits associated with full inversion on tables or gravity boots, you do have some advantages of inversion chairs that might make them the better option for you.Inversion therapy has been around for centuries, but it needs to be done under careful supervision until you are a very experienced inverter. Because of this difficulty and because of the stress that is put on your ankles, feet, and ligaments during full inversion, many people have chosen to use a gravity inversion chair. Using a chair for inversion has the following benefits.

#1 General Benefits of Inversion Therapy Using a Core Inversion Chair or Inversion Table

  • EMG activity decreases. This basically means that muscle pain can be decreased within just a few minutes of inverting.
  • The spine gets stretched in a safe manner, relieving stress
  • Very effective traction technique. Traction is a therapy is a passive mechanical procedure that has been shown to decrease back pain when used properly
  • Decompression of your discs and spine
  • Reverse the effects of gravity, helping you to even ‘grow’ taller. By this, it is meant that using an inversion device you can reverse the effect that gravity has on your height. The average person will loose ½ – 2 inches from their maximum height during their lifetime.
  • Increase flexibility via static/active stretching for your hips, back, and spine
  • Increase blood flow to brain by reversing the gravitational pull and helping the cardiovascular system instead of working against the system as it always does.
  • Reduce Back Pain. This is a natural form of traction, increasing the space between the vertebrae in your back.
  • Relieve and reduce stress

#2 Specific Benefits Of Using An Inversion Chair vs. Inversion Table

Inversion therapy is not easy to get used to. In fact, many people who use inversion tables complain about inversion tables hurting their feet and their ankles in addition to the problem of simply getting used to hanging upside down. While using a stamina inversion chair will still take time to get used to, a chair can significantly help those who have sensitive feet and who cannot seem to get used to the table, but who love inversion as a therapeutic technique.

This is because inverting on a chair does not require you to put all your weight on your ankles and feet. You generally won’t invert 100% (studies have shown that you don’t really need to invert 100% to get the benefits, that a 60% inversion does a good job), and you will not be able to do upside down sit-ups or crunches, and you will not be able to stretch your hips as well. However, you will have additional support for your back and will not feel the same pressure, which can be a huge advantage for many people.

#3 Why You Should try Going Upside Down with an Inversion Therapy Chair

Going upside down can cure you from a lot of illnesses. Sometimes, you have to go under to help you overcome a lot of stress. If you think I am crazy then you should try the Inversion therapy chair.

  • What does an Inversion Therapy Chair do?

If you have disc compression problems, such as herniations, sciatica pains and more, one of the greatest solutions to help relieve the painful symptoms of these sicknesses is to do inversion therapy. When you are inverted, the vertebral discs are decompressed and thus, pressure on them is lessened and therefore the discomfort and related to them is relieved and goes away.

Inversion chair therapy has been proven to reduces some EMG activity which is an indicator of back pain to around 35%. And take note, the pain is gone very fast and some say almost instantly as soon as you are inverted. 

The use of inversion chairs help increase lympathic flow in the body. Since the lympathic system of our bodies utilize gravity and has to pump in our blood flow, being inverted promotes movement of lymph in our body.This aids in removing waste chemicals in our body faster than normally standing upright. Some people who have tried inverting after workouts have experienced great results In waste removal because of this.

The inversion chair is also known to promote blood circulation, especially in circulating blood from your legs to the top of your head. Believe it or not, the inversion therapy chair is very relaxing, since your blood and lymph flow better, the muscles are now more relaxed and thus giving you a feeling of complete serenity.

However, the reasons above can be achieved by both inversion tables and inversion chairs. However most can argue that chairs are better than tables for the following reasons.
Inversion chairs are more comfortable. It is quite uncomfortable to be hanging freely from your ankles and these clamps that they use could seriously hurt or damage the ankles. However, since you are seated comfortably in a chair with the inversion chair, it is easier and gives less stress to the ankles.

Inversion chairs are also easier to use and more secure. You feel safer and could easily do more exercises than inversion tables. Because of this, the inversion therapy chair is better for people with some conditions such as back pain and heart conditions. Using the inversion therapy chair could be less strenuous on them and therefore could be better for their exercises.


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